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Somewhere familiar

May 27, 2011 Leave a comment

As promised, I came back to IMU Bukit Jalil!!! Part of the reasons is to help sem5 juniors up with their OSCE, (they are having their EOS5 next week) and also to hang out with friends in BJ!!!

So for the whole week, I have been a very dedicating pseudo-Bmed Science student, camping in Post-graduates room. It was kinda fun looking at all the ashen-faced ex-batchmates and lab assistants, meanwhile listening to all the gossips and dramas. Ops…

My camp site

so cosy right?

Thank so much to WeiRic, who allowed me this big fat pig squeezing with him on his queen-sized bed for 4 nights. And also Nelson & Lily, where I terrorised their seats most of the time. Ickes, Yenhaw, Leon, plus N&L, thanks for the fun sing-k session! :D Bet we had so much fun in E-box! Should have sung longer right? And sorry yenhaw for the sleepless night. XD I shall never sleep beside you anymore. LOL!

Not forgetting the SC or CSU which we used to call. I report to here every single day. Not that I am so pro, but I seriously had so much fun revising OSCE with juniors! The only thing was I ain’t stressed, unlike few months ago, the torture couldn’t be described. Imagine we had incessant practice, memorising over-and-over again, the life was kinda aberrant. Anyway, hope it helps them a little bit in their OSCE. And hope they all PASSED with flying colours!!! Woohoo!!!!

It’s our M208 convo day tomorrow! I am going, but not attending. LOL! Just gonna take pictures and meet up with my long-lost friends.

And dear M109-ers, wish you all the best in the upcoming EOS5! Take it as just a piece of cake, ace it and own it! The finishing line is just at the corner. The pill is bitter, but you just need to swallow it and strive for the best, no matter what the outcome is.


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Life without exam is good

December 3, 2010 2 comments

Finally the torturing month was over.

All the effort, throughout the 2.5 years, were tested in 4 days, 5 super heavy and hectic papers.

And it’s over now.

The pain, the stress, the bitterness, the depression throughout it, it was just too miserable and torturing. Don’t feel like mentioning it anymore.

Finally, it’s over. :)

And another pair of my friends bid farewell to their “single” relationship life. 又两个人脱离光棍生活了。。。

I’m really happy for them. But at the same time, feel little bit like losing another two friends. Not literally, but just… soul-ly… XD WTH… They are still as nice, but just… hmmm… hahaha

Oh well, I need a break. A long break. :)

Happy holidays peeps!!!

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Pre-exam syndrome

November 20, 2010 Leave a comment

*This again applies to those who are sitting for EOS5 in 9 days time only*

ya, again, if you are reading this now, you are SCREWED!

Okla, maybe screwed or you have finished studying, and now showing off in my blog. (To prevent offense to those who are really geng, and have studied dunno 2398079186374 times)

And according to my friends around me, I am having Bipolar symptoms lately, without me noticing.


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I am Soooo Screwed!

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Heck yea, exam is just one week away from now, yet I am still wasting my time here! WTH!

And for those who are reading this post, you are screwed too… cos you are wasting your time… hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Good luck people…

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Med Sch Life is Sad #7 ~ Special service

October 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Everyone will somehow, anyhow in certain point of their lives, face stress…

Everyone seeks different paths in releasing stress.

Some go for singing, yelling, exercising, net-surfing, chatting, sleeping, eating, doing nothing, day-dreaming… etc

Some will go for special service.

What sort of special service???


For confidentiality purposes, I mosaic-ed her number. Cos she was kinda harassed lately…

eh wait! Thought the number is supposed to be shown for special service

Medical school shortens my lifespan for 10 years…

October 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Seriously… Seriously!!!

Just the countdown itself is enough to kill 1098029489201904 brain cells. Not mentioning the amount of study load.


26 days to Sem 5 summative, 40 days to EOS 5…

PBL, IMS, hospital visit, MSK, CNS, SEM3 SEM4 (CVS, Respi, Haemato, GI, Endo, Repro, Renal)…

These make our lives more miserable wonderful…

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Are you aware of…

August 15, 2010 2 comments

“Madam, are you aware of any water pooling around your house?”

“Sir, are you aware of smoking is bad for health?”

“Are you aware of passive smoking?”


It was part of our Community Medicine project. So with the began of Semester 5, we were required to do a Comm Med project, comprises a house-hold survey, a research project and an organisation detailed report, not forgetting the presentation + final portfolio report.

In two weeks time, with a blur mind after a one-month-totally-doing-nothing-everyday-eat-sleep-play-watchTV-rusty-blunted-mind, we welcomed the starting of the toughest semester in phase 1. Lecturers bombarded us with all the information about statistics, survey, researches, analysis… which I hated to the max. But no choice, 4% of our final grade, I still have to do it.

I don’t want to recall the torturing process of figuring out what to do in our group project. And not mentioning the hot sun, long distance walk, tiring, being rejected for numerous times, awful attitude of the respondents, we eventually completed our house-hold survey. Now I know how hard it is to do a house-hold survey. Next time if want to do a research, do something easier such as going to an institute where respondents can fill in the form themselves. Haha!! And next time, I will try my best to answer a survey if anyone would like to do one. (To stop the vicious cycle… ==)

SPSS became our good friend, but I still don’t know him well enough. Keying in data is another horrible process, but it could be fun though. Looking at some of the data crapped out by some of our group-mate without being processed in mind first, I laughed my ass off for quite a number of times.

Eg. 5.5metre height,

everyday exercise for 10 hours,

22year old guy with a smoking history of 20 years,

someone who is not smoking at all has the intention to QUIT smoking…..

all the crap la….

Now, I just want to get it over as soon as possible…


All and all,

I have been reminded for many many times…


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