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Cramping near the train door and not moving in for other passengers to board on the train. This is how people here show consideration. :/  xde

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Team Mate 2.0

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整整一年之前我po了 关于 “不怕神一般的对手,就怕猪一般的队友”。

名言在整整一年后在我FB出現。這次罵的是印度煎餅。在NICU這麼忙的team都可以那麼slacked. 不過挺說他不久後就會去英國南安普敦做肥羅西,我就忍忍了吧。這幅德性還去做肥羅西,夠力。




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Team mate

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贱队友呢?只会带着一张嘴在cons Reg 前面装着自己做了一大堆,但在人后,连最基本的trace changes都做不好,还要我帮他cover 屁眼。TMD! 然后list也不作就跑回家了!


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Midyear recollection

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Not literally mid-year now, but I have officially completed half of my housemanship job/training. 6 month down the line, if everything goes on smoothly, I will turn MO in Sept 2015.

To me, it is more of mind-blowing rather than exciting. It feels like I have not growing much since I started surgical posting. Not only it seems that I remained stagnant, I do think I am deteriorating in terms of medical knowledge and critical thinking when it comes to managing patient on my own.

No doubt I am still working everyday and pick up skills to survive HO-ship fine. But I found myself complaining and whining too much about work and life. I have stopped exercising, stopped blogging, stopped doing things I used to enjoy such as cooking and photographing.

To be honest, yes, life as a surgical HO is tough and lifeless. It takes away part of me, the part of me who is eager for knowledge and new information, the part of me who is hungry for improvement.

Reading this post about life as an A&E senior registrar, picture-like memory flashed back and reminded me the days during my 5th year A&E posting, and how enjoyable working and learning under Dr Khodabucos. He must be so disappointed if he found out my current state. Be it Paeds or A&E, this shouldn’t be what I am doing.

Time for some changes. No matter how much I hated GS, I should push myself through and learn something everyday. Take a thing at a time and live a day at a time. (quote valerie)

Hope it really happens this time and doesn’t die off so quickly.

A daily good deed

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Saw a brits guy did that

Can I achieve? Let’s try


returned the extra 1dollar the shopkeeper gave me back in change. (欣之坊)

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Calls & Decision Making

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Survived my 3-calls in 7 days craze. (3x36hrs calls)

Something very importantly we learned during calls were decision making, especially when MOs were not around and you have the whole ward/new admissions to yourself. It can be pretty daunting and scary which constantly sends chills down my spine. But over the time I learned to pick up crucial points. And when I look back retrospectively I am amazed by the important right decisions I made.

There was this girl who was admitted with auditory hallucination + bulimia + self harm + suicidal ideation (god knows why was she there but not IMH). After clerking a whole few pages of essay and I was making the plans for her, suddenly the HR strikes me. “52”. I asked the nurse to repeat it and it was 62.

“It’s normal lah…” the staff nurse commented.

My gut feeling told me that something wasn’t right and I have to take action. Hence I put her on cardiac monitoring as people with bulimia are at risk  of electrolyte imbalance and can fall into bradycardia pretty easily. KIV UECr/Ca/Mg/PO4. I went back to the ward and reviewed the case the next day and as what I expected, her HR went down to 39 lowest at night.

Another case was a 5 year old girl came in with pretreated pneumonia (with 5 doses of inadequate dose Amox),walking pneumonia hx, with very positive lung signs on examination and CXR, but clinically relatively well. +ve Adult contact! (mother had pneumonia and was on KLACID) I was like “this must be mycoplasma!!!” but my MO was like, ok let’s start high dose ampicillin cos her previous dose of Amox was inadequate. But later on towards the end he still said “ok i think we should start Klacid” … I rolled my eyes in my heart. Told ya.

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