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不管2017年是否被Residency 錄取,








Midyear recollection

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Not literally mid-year now, but I have officially completed half of my housemanship job/training. 6 month down the line, if everything goes on smoothly, I will turn MO in Sept 2015.

To me, it is more of mind-blowing rather than exciting. It feels like I have not growing much since I started surgical posting. Not only it seems that I remained stagnant, I do think I am deteriorating in terms of medical knowledge and critical thinking when it comes to managing patient on my own.

No doubt I am still working everyday and pick up skills to survive HO-ship fine. But I found myself complaining and whining too much about work and life. I have stopped exercising, stopped blogging, stopped doing things I used to enjoy such as cooking and photographing.

To be honest, yes, life as a surgical HO is tough and lifeless. It takes away part of me, the part of me who is eager for knowledge and new information, the part of me who is hungry for improvement.

Reading this post about life as an A&E senior registrar, picture-like memory flashed back and reminded me the days during my 5th year A&E posting, and how enjoyable working and learning under Dr Khodabucos. He must be so disappointed if he found out my current state. Be it Paeds or A&E, this shouldn’t be what I am doing.

Time for some changes. No matter how much I hated GS, I should push myself through and learn something everyday. Take a thing at a time and live a day at a time. (quote valerie)

Hope it really happens this time and doesn’t die off so quickly.

New Year’s Present from Home!

January 8, 2013 Leave a comment

WOOHOO my goodies are here!

Received a whatsapp picture from Jinghan last night and couldn’t hide my excitement. It actually took a longer time to reach here this round compared to the last one I posted myself.

As usual, apart from the books I wanted my parents to post to me, my mum added in lotsa other goodies, ie MILO, Chinese mushroomssss, TanTan Noodles, rice noodles (aka Bihoon) etc. Love you all!!!


Box full of goodies!

Box full of goodies!


Had 9-5 today. And not again, yes again, I got the same long-winded lecturer as the group facilitator. =.= Thank you lah.

Apart from that, we had an update from the course coordinator on the year end assessment, final exam. This new exam system is scarily tough. :( no more excuse for procrastination. ><

What a good timing, my table light’s light bulb just died. :(

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Had my Saturday night chill-out at Lydia’s Priory, with Lydia herself, Leslie, Henna, YeeKuan, Isaac, Yeehar, Esther and Frances. Played Cranium and as usual, Lydia & Henna yelled and flabbergasted everyone with their similarity (in terms of loudness) =.=

Isaac is quite good in plenty of general knowledge.

The funny part was when Leslie shouted out the answer before one of them started acting (out the task) as he played before and remembered the answer. That pissed Lydia off. LOL!


Another free and easy Sunday. Tidied my room, did laundry, had proper brunch, had long chat with HueyLing (which was good) :)

Jason and Jeremy are back, Su Ann is back too. Finally 36 Hyde Terrace isn’t quiet anymore. (: Henna & Lydia helped to cut my hair and Jason’s. They then spent quite a while chatting with us at ours.

Again I did not achieve my study target again. Shyt… Thought I am supposed to study harder this year? @.@


Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

January 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Haven’t been blogging properly for ages. I would say I kind of lost focus on things and motivation as well.

2012 has been a busy year for me. As usual, there were many first-time experiences. First proper hospital placement in the UK (BRI respiratory medicine), first time “celebrating” Chinese New Year away from home (not that we celebrated it properly though, and there will be more to come. Sigh), first mountain biking, first cycling trip, etc.

Travelled to Dundee twice (including now), Southport, Manchester multiple times, and also to Brussels & Bruges with Jason Ho on couchsurfing. Stayed with a local family Renaud and Anne for free, they were great host indeed. That was my most adventurous experience.

At the same time, I felt like I missed out many important events in Malaysia/Singapore. 四姑passed away, 三舅母passed away. Many friends got married, yea, plenty of them, I have lost count how many pairs of couples got married, Chyang and WanTing are one of them. What a shame that I couldn’t be there with them, how much I wished I could have. Kaikai (my nephew) is growing up fast, I wonder if he would still remember me when I get back this summer. Parents are growing old, and I don’t know how much time I can give them to spend together.

More wedding to miss? yea I’m sure I wont be able to attend Jing’s wedding. She is definitely one of the closest cousins of mine.

4th year has been tough, busy and hectic despite me trying to keep track and study constantly. Don’t think I have done it well, could have done better, and I have to do it better this year.

More new year resolutions? I doubt so, as I don’t used to review and properly achieve my resolutions.

But this time, I would want myself to stay focus, and do what I should do properly, pass year 4 smoothly. I wish that my parents and family will stay happy and healthy all the time. I wish there would be less heart-breaking crimes, natural disasters and wars.

Hope I would be able to maintain this “Pic of the day” blog post everyday this year, starting from today. In which, I can blog about anything, but I have to post ONE picture only, to express whatever I want to.

My first skiing experience to end 2012

My first skiing experience to end 2012

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