About Ninja

The author, ninja (which is one of his nickname) is a medical student who is not so ambitious. He is not confident to himself, which is something he is always trying to overcome.

He is pretty bully-able. He himself doesn’t understand why people around found him nice to irritate. But at times, he could be very mischievous too!! He has slight psychasthenia, likes to torture himself unnecessarily. Some may find him rather hypersensitive, but he is actually not, he is just simple. He is not good in expressing, or should say, tend to fail to convey his messages verbally. Some may find him emo, that’s because he thinks a lot, too many things in his mind, exceeds the threshold which he could take it.

He likes everything in moderate. Not too sweet, not too salty, not too sour, not too insipid, but he likes bitterness and spiciness. Bitter gourd and dark chocolate are two of his favourites.

He is quite a typical Chinese, kinda traditional minded, with family occupies the all time 1st place in his heart.  He loves his parents, he loves his siblings and he appreciates everyone around him who loves him and hates him. Those who love him give him power of life, whilst those who hate him traumatize him, eventually make him stay tough, and becomes stronger.

Musics and piano are two of the indispensable elements in his life. He always dreams to perform in an orchestra, with his personal grand piano. Even the audiences are air, wind, lights or dusts. That’s something he would fight with his life to do one day if there is an opportunity, or one day when he doesn’t practice medicine.

Well well… He is basically a simple cheerful boy, who wants to meet more friends! Kinda perfectionist sometimes, but he is easy going. Kinda idiotic sometimes, but he cherishes friendship. Kinda quiet sometimes, but he can laugh non-stop. Listen to other’s talking most of the time, but he tells good ghost stories.

Appears to be quiet, but he is always ready to share when there is anyone who would like to listen to him.

Simpsonised ninja

Simpsonised author and doggy

And yea, he loves dogs. His deceased doggy is always in his mind, Ah Ben, R.I.P…

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