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Kiasu 2.0

So we had this mock OSCE session which is going to be organised by a bunch of enthusiastic junior doctors coming up. In order to sign up and get a place in it, we need to send in an email stating our time-slot preference no  earlier than 1900 yesterday.

Being one of the kiasu medical students *cough* I mean keen (as keen as the rest of my batchmates), we all have different strategies.

We were having this revision lecture for anatomy and surgery from 1830-2000. Ideally what should be done was to click the “send” button at 1900 sharp. But we were in the middle of the lecture, how to achieve that?

1) Anna sat near to the entrance (first row), not an ideal seat for a lecture but it’s closer to the entrance where the cellphone internet signal 3G is guaranteed stronger. (Thank to her who reminded me)

2) We all (included me) typed out a draft of the email and kept it, waiting for the time to strike 1900.

3) Reminder alarms were set (we could hear it throughout the lecture, basically lotsa inteferrence today).

4) Quite a few of them even ran out of the lecture theatre halfway through it to send the email (cos of bad signal) which was pretty rude?!

But anyway, hopefully we all will get a place for it. At least we tried, and strived for a place to stay. LOL

Dog-eat-dog. rawrs

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