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I am officially a 5th Year Medical Student!!!

July 24, 2013 Leave a comment

WOOHOOO!!! Nothing can describe how relieved I was when I found out I passed 4th year exam.

As usual, the inefficient medical school is inefficient. We were told that result will be released today, somewhere in the late afternoon. One of my batchmates enquired and was told the result would be out around 4pm. Out of frustration, I went to The Edge for my last day of Summer Gym membership promotion workout, just to kill time and distract myself from the stress & tension while waiting for result.

Halfway through my cardio workout on the treadmill, Henna called me but I didn’t answer. On one hand I was too out of breath to answer the phone, whilst on the other hand I knew she wanted to ask about result. Hence I continued running until a point where I slowed down to catch my breath. I replied her via whatsapp to rant about the med sch. Then only I realised I received another whatsapp msg from housemate, asking me how’s my result.

“Hey Kian, result is out! How’s your?”

@.@ WHAT! It’s out? I thought 4pm? Immediately I opened the VLE app on my iphone. The stupid app showed a long list of student id number who need to repeat 4th year with all of them jumbled up.

“no no no I can’t read this.” Hoping that mine wasn’t in there, I opened another proper file with both written and OSCE result.

Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww… I heaved a sigh of relief. A long one indeed. Couldn’t believe it, I rechecked to make sure there was no error on reading. Double-checked, triple-checked. YES!!!! WOOHOO!

Not to mention how I was teased by Henna about how blur I was that I didn’t even know the result was out. XD But who cares? I passed!!!!!!

Sadly, there are quite a number of us didn’t make it through and need to repeat year 4. It was rather depressing. On one hand I was happy that I passed. But on the other hand I am not, as they are part of us, they would be the last few ppl that I would expect to fail. =(

Would really like to thank all of you guys who showed support and love throughout this tough period. Jeremy, Yeekuan, henna, Lydia Albert Leslie, all the lovely batchmates who fought through this battle together. We sailed through a thunder-storm!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, done with 4 weeks of my elective, left 4 weeks, there I would have completed the very first task of year 5! :D

Hot hot Malaysia here I come!!!!!!!

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