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Genting Highland?

January 12, 2013 Leave a comment
Sooooo foggy!

Sooooo foggy!


Disclaimer: The picture above was not edited in terms of clarity or effects.

Yea, Leeds is not a highland, but it is that foggy lately, and cold. It is predicted that it’s gonna snow these few days, all over the UK. But somehow I doubt it will snow so soon.

Darn cold! Cannot be underdressed anymore.

I recently came out with this theory: My clinical placement is the coldness indicator. The nearer it is to the start of placement, the colder it gets.

How annoying!!!

The weather was perfectly fine, nice and warm (well, not really warm warm, but at least not that cold) for the past few weeks. And now we need to travel everyday for GP placement, to Bradford especially, it gets this cold. :S

What a mischievious weather… Speechless.

Saturday night, Cranium night again. :) Priory has become the new hang-out spot. Who were there today? Lydia, Henna, Yeehar, Isaac, Leslie, Ee Ping, Albert and myself. My team won again, teehee (not that I contributed much =.=)  Henna got to stay in a spare room downstairs in the Priory! Nice room indeed! And it was so nice of the management office to lend a room for Ruth’s friends as they stayed there for a night.

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