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Posh Bulb

My dear cousin Jing jie gave me her study lamp before she went back to Malaysia for good earlier last year. It was given to her by her ex-housemate and was bought from HongKong, and is a Japanese product. (p/s, Japanese electronic products are all with great quality, for real) And I heard it has been operating for YEARS!

I have been using it for quite a while. I have been so comfortable with it until I forgot how important it is.

Until recently, it decided to die in my hand. Zzzzz  And only I came to know how dark my room is. Can’t study at all without my table light. Good that I had a spare one which I used to hate it a lot. It was bought from Argos and was cheap. I dislike it because it emits hot irritating yellow light. The frame is short and did not play much role in aiding my studies. But now I have no choice, while waiting for my new bulb, I have to use it.

Oh yea, that posh table light, I tried searching it in Clas Ohlson (which I categorised as a posh shop as most of the products sold in that shop are expensive, but most probably in good quality, and the main point is, I won’t buy things from there… LOL)  None in there, and one of the sales guy recommended me to look for it online.

Ebay-ed, Amazon-ed, none in the UK!!! Have to buy from US. And guess how much is the cheapest I found?

8.49 GBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @.@


Wah since when I became so rich?

Wah since when I became so rich?

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