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Posh Bulb

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My dear cousin Jing jie gave me her study lamp before she went back to Malaysia for good earlier last year. It was given to her by her ex-housemate and was bought from HongKong, and is a Japanese product. (p/s, Japanese electronic products are all with great quality, for real) And I heard it has been operating for YEARS!

I have been using it for quite a while. I have been so comfortable with it until I forgot how important it is.

Until recently, it decided to die in my hand. Zzzzz  And only I came to know how dark my room is. Can’t study at all without my table light. Good that I had a spare one which I used to hate it a lot. It was bought from Argos and was cheap. I dislike it because it emits hot irritating yellow light. The frame is short and did not play much role in aiding my studies. But now I have no choice, while waiting for my new bulb, I have to use it.

Oh yea, that posh table light, I tried searching it in Clas Ohlson (which I categorised as a posh shop as most of the products sold in that shop are expensive, but most probably in good quality, and the main point is, I won’t buy things from there… LOL)  None in there, and one of the sales guy recommended me to look for it online.

Ebay-ed, Amazon-ed, none in the UK!!! Have to buy from US. And guess how much is the cheapest I found?

8.49 GBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @.@


Wah since when I became so rich?

Wah since when I became so rich?

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