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Midweek crisis

January 9, 2013 Leave a comment

I have this difficulty to wake up especially on the Wednesday morning.

Supposed to wake up at 8-ish, okay 9am to go into theatre for data collection. Ended up waking up at almost 12pm. =.=

Is this a common phenomenon among the youngsters nowadays? Refuse to sleep at night, and reluctant to wake up in the morning. My rationale is, I want to achieve more at night especially after wasting one whole day not doing anything. Somehow I am able to do more things towards the end of the day, or I would rather say at the VERY BEGINNING of a day, ie after 12am. It was like “omg it is already 12, I haven’t done anything yet, I better start reading some stuff…”

You know right?

So yea, sorry lah!

View from my door step

View from my door step

Came back from town today after looking for my ultra special table light bulb but failed.

Looks like someone has painted the sky with baige, amber and light blue. :) Gorgeous sunset view!

Good day!

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