Had my Saturday night chill-out at Lydia’s Priory, with Lydia herself, Leslie, Henna, YeeKuan, Isaac, Yeehar, Esther and Frances. Played Cranium and as usual, Lydia & Henna yelled and flabbergasted everyone with their similarity (in terms of loudness) =.=

Isaac is quite good in plenty of general knowledge.

The funny part was when Leslie shouted out the answer before one of them started acting (out the task) as he played before and remembered the answer. That pissed Lydia off. LOL!


Another free and easy Sunday. Tidied my room, did laundry, had proper brunch, had long chat with HueyLing (which was good) :)

Jason and Jeremy are back, Su Ann is back too. Finally 36 Hyde Terrace isn’t quiet anymore. (: Henna & Lydia helped to cut my hair and Jason’s. They then spent quite a while chatting with us at ours.

Again I did not achieve my study target again. Shyt… Thought I am supposed to study harder this year? @.@


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