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Time wasted on…

… panicking

Do you realise how much time you spent in your life panicking?

For example today, one of my batchmates, Gary whatsapp-ed me and asked me about my application for Electives in Singapore. Sudden panic attack was induced by his panic attack.

Highly communicable disease it is.

I couldn’t find the immunisation letter which was issued to us by the university last June.

Actually I don’t need to worry about it as I can always go back to the Occupational health department and request for reissue. (I will be charged 10GBP though =.= vampires they are)   However the main point is, together with the immunisation letter, that’s where I used to keep my letter of good conduct which might be very important for my next placement. So the panic attack continued as I was searching for the letters which I was very sure that I kept it in my drawer. I remembered vividly looking for them early this year in this house, same room same spot and I kept them there.

Turned out I kept them among the stack of books right in front of me. @.@ Good scare, and I ended up tiding my messy piles of books and paper.

I could have looked for all those documents and got them ready before my Christmas break. But I did not, instead, I procrastinated.

Sigh, procrastination, you are the best friend who sticks around to me all the time without failing.

the letters that gave me a good scare, for the 2nd time

the letters that gave me a good scare, for the 2nd time

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