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Last day of winter break

January 2, 2013 Leave a comment

a.k.a. last day of my holiday of the year.

I have this pathetic 2-week short break for my whole 4th year. After this, the next “break” will be in April, the Easter break, which I don’t really consider as a break as it is going to be just 3 days. Okay fine, 5 days inclusive weekend. =/

Still in Dundee, gonna take the 7.30pm train back to Leeds, will be reaching around 12.45am on the 3rd Jan. Later on of that day itself, I have to go into theatre at 8.30am to check the anaesthetist’s list to hunt for an OSA case for my SSC.

Argh, totally not in the mood!!

On the other hand, I found this on the way to the Tesco extra with Charles, Alex, Lois and WeiHann

Dundee's slogan

Dundee’s slogan

I know Leeds’ is –> Leeds, live it, love it.

Dundee’s –> Dundee, one city, many discoveries.

Time to find out more!

Cheers! :)

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