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Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Haven’t been blogging properly for ages. I would say I kind of lost focus on things and motivation as well.

2012 has been a busy year for me. As usual, there were many first-time experiences. First proper hospital placement in the UK (BRI respiratory medicine), first time “celebrating” Chinese New Year away from home (not that we celebrated it properly though, and there will be more to come. Sigh), first mountain biking, first cycling trip, etc.

Travelled to Dundee twice (including now), Southport, Manchester multiple times, and also to Brussels & Bruges with Jason Ho on couchsurfing. Stayed with a local family Renaud and Anne for free, they were great host indeed. That was my most adventurous experience.

At the same time, I felt like I missed out many important events in Malaysia/Singapore. 四姑passed away, 三舅母passed away. Many friends got married, yea, plenty of them, I have lost count how many pairs of couples got married, Chyang and WanTing are one of them. What a shame that I couldn’t be there with them, how much I wished I could have. Kaikai (my nephew) is growing up fast, I wonder if he would still remember me when I get back this summer. Parents are growing old, and I don’t know how much time I can give them to spend together.

More wedding to miss? yea I’m sure I wont be able to attend Jing’s wedding. She is definitely one of the closest cousins of mine.

4th year has been tough, busy and hectic despite me trying to keep track and study constantly. Don’t think I have done it well, could have done better, and I have to do it better this year.

More new year resolutions? I doubt so, as I don’t used to review and properly achieve my resolutions.

But this time, I would want myself to stay focus, and do what I should do properly, pass year 4 smoothly. I wish that my parents and family will stay happy and healthy all the time. I wish there would be less heart-breaking crimes, natural disasters and wars.

Hope I would be able to maintain this “Pic of the day” blog post everyday this year, starting from today. In which, I can blog about anything, but I have to post ONE picture only, to express whatever I want to.

My first skiing experience to end 2012

My first skiing experience to end 2012

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