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January 31, 2013 Leave a comment

The last day of Jan 2013.

Time flies @.@ without me noticing.

Passed my literature review for my SSC4, and got a decent B. Kinda unexpected but very happy with that. Put in much effort and I was just hoping for a pass. Hope this will be a good sign for a better year. :)

Have been feeling very tired everyday after placement. Struggling to do any revisioin when I am at home at night. Hopefully things will get better once I submit my case report for CCC, and can focus better during the stay in BRI oncology.

Struggling to sleep early, and struggling to wake up early =.= I should change the title of this post.

Just to share smth irrelevant. Myself with my snow baby!

Snow baby!

Snow baby!

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Retain information

January 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Nothing much to talk about.

Guess it is quite demoralising when things you have studied are not retained in your brain.

Probably I still need to work harder.


To switch mood, this is what I made last week.

chocolate cereal bar -- white and milk chocolate!

chocolate cereal bar — white and milk chocolate!

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Stickers angel

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Everyone else skipped for today’s GP posting, I was on my verge of skipping too as I only have afternoon session. ie I need to spend 4.6GBP for the bus ticket just for 2.30pm-5pm, not counting the traffic jam and the long waiting time.

But I glad that I didn’t, the afternoon session totally worth it.

The GP really put me on the spot for the whole consultation, starting from the very beginning till the very last bit of it. The hardest part is always the connection between History taking –> Examination –> Management plan. I was like… okay, it’s done now, what’s next?

Just when I threw my “SOS” eye-signals to my GP, she looked back at me with the same sight. ie probing me to do critical thinking.

Glad that I still managed to crap out some reasonable and feasible management plans for most of the patients. phew…

I bet if she wasn’t there, prompting me for each point, I won’t be able to do it.

Sticker spreader!!

Sticker spreader!!

Got multiple stickers from this super cute angelic 3 year-old girl, (whose mother was the patient) she kept spreading stickers from that big piece of sticker. Gave some to my GP, some to me, and a lot on the wall, the table, and the floor LOL!

She is so cute!

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Monday Crap

January 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Crap, this blog was found out by kepoh Gary!!! (Just in case you are reading this)

Hope that it won’t be to publicised since all those who knew this blog revealed it accidentally.


Quite like this CCC arrangement of having every Monday off placement for teaching. Despite the fact that some of the teaching sessions are pretty useless (at least that was what I found), I got an opportunity to shed off the Monday-reluctant-ness-for-placement after a slacked weekend. In a way it makes a week’s placement shorter as well.

Which means, less time to study… O_O


CNY is around the corner. Another CNY away from home, and more to come. I bet mum is gonna miss me like hell cos no one else helps her to do spring cleaning MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

Before this post ends,

Promoting Gary for free

Promoting Gary for free


Got too bored during CCC teaching and decided to promote Gary for free, hopefully he will be nicer to me.



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A pic a day failed

January 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Partly, blame myself for being too busy, too occupied with work and too tired to post anything.

2nd-ly, blame the stupid icloud for not synch-ing my photos from my phone. Hence I have no photos to post here.

Some updates:

– It has been snowing heavily and we played snow. Snow stopped, melted, and just now, it started snowing heavily again.

– Primary care placement started and it was tiring. Met some very nice GP, great to have good groupmates, studied together and stressing each other. Placement has been tiring but fun so far.

– Have been trying to study harder. But somehow tend to get distracted halfway. I need to be more focused.


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January 13, 2013 Leave a comment
Facts About Fart

Facts About Farts


Found this somewhere in FB.

Look at the top 10 farters. Herbivores and vegetarians produce more fart than the rest. Yay for meat!

And I am in fact surprised that dead ppl still farts and a human being farts 14 times per day on average. Being quite skeptical, I seriously don’t think I fart that much though.

I can’t agree more with the “silent but deadly” LOL!!! Those ppl who produce such fart are evil.

Hydrogen Sulphide!!!

Okay okay I know this is a very pointless entry. I basically had a pointless day as well, apart from exercise, eat, watch youtube, eat, read some notes, eat, cut jinghan’s and Sophia’s hair, eat, return library books, eat, study for 2 pages, eat, reading ppl’s deceiving messages about snowing, eat, waiting for snow, eat…

Before I forget, I must share this great song, called “Fart Exercise”!! by Nodame!

Genting Highland?

January 12, 2013 Leave a comment
Sooooo foggy!

Sooooo foggy!


Disclaimer: The picture above was not edited in terms of clarity or effects.

Yea, Leeds is not a highland, but it is that foggy lately, and cold. It is predicted that it’s gonna snow these few days, all over the UK. But somehow I doubt it will snow so soon.

Darn cold! Cannot be underdressed anymore.

I recently came out with this theory: My clinical placement is the coldness indicator. The nearer it is to the start of placement, the colder it gets.

How annoying!!!

The weather was perfectly fine, nice and warm (well, not really warm warm, but at least not that cold) for the past few weeks. And now we need to travel everyday for GP placement, to Bradford especially, it gets this cold. :S

What a mischievious weather… Speechless.

Saturday night, Cranium night again. :) Priory has become the new hang-out spot. Who were there today? Lydia, Henna, Yeehar, Isaac, Leslie, Ee Ping, Albert and myself. My team won again, teehee (not that I contributed much =.=)  Henna got to stay in a spare room downstairs in the Priory! Nice room indeed! And it was so nice of the management office to lend a room for Ruth’s friends as they stayed there for a night.

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