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Loads of reasons to be emo…


1) Sat in front of the computer for the whole day just for my Audit’s scientific report paper. Stuck in the result part not too sure what should I do and how should I analyse the data collected. Quite stressed up as the deadline is on Friday. And I haven’t started on my reflective log. My tutor made it sounded so easy but it is freaking hard! =(

Was getting more and more frustrated as I progressed. Zzzzz…. and the result she stated in the abstract was different from the data i collected! O_o

2) An online novel which I have been following closely recently is coming to an end. I will have nothing to look forward to next time. Shyt!

3) My favourite Chinese gymnast Jiang Yuyuan 江钰源 didn’t get chosen into the London Olympic 2012 China representative team, just because the coaches wanted to let Hekexin who is only good in uneven bar to try to strike the gold medal, but it would put the whole team in risk as they will have no room to make mistakes in vault when Jiang Yuyuan is not chosen. :( Sad…

4) Everything is just coming down together, wanted to get my favourite B&J half-priced ice-cream from Nisa to soothen my emo-ness, and found out the promotion is over yesterday. :(((( double emo…

haiz… let’s sleep it off… zzzzz

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  1. Huey Ling
    June 25, 2012 at 8:40 am

    don’t emo ler
    you’re coming back soon
    shoo shoo emo! =P

    • ninja921
      June 26, 2012 at 9:30 pm

      yea goign back soon!!!! yay! have to think of that to make me happy lol

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