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Crappy = Happy

My temporary phone is retarded, indescribably retarded. It literally has no function at all except making phone calls or sending texts. And it gives 6 SHORT buzzes/vibrations when I receive a text/call.

My whole room smells like urine. Ever since the plumber came to repair the toilet flush (which I don’t even know when was it done), my room stinks as it someone has peed on the carpet. The pungent smell is sickening, despite me leaving my window opened. (The air is freezing)

My lunch is crappy. Have been eating apples and bananas as I woke up late this morning and has got no time to make sandwiches. The cold weather is not helping at all.

However, I am a happy man today!!!

I assisted in a minor surgery in the GP clinic. My first time injecting LA+Adrenaline subcutaneously around the lesions. My first time removing viral warts and seborrheic keratoses (a kind of abnormal skin growth) using a blade on a patient who is AWAKE! My first time using a heat probe to do thermocoagulation (to stop bleeding). And I practically worked together with the GP! Very proud of myself LOL! *heads up*

Finally I met a non-bitchy non-racist female GP in that clinic. She is super duper nice. Normally I need to be thick skin and take the initiative to ask if I can do certain procedures. Today was a totally opposite case. She asked me if I want to do!!!! Of course I said yes. LOL! Patiently, she demonstrated and explained to me what should I do, and all the instructions were given clearly and precisely. Certainly there are still lotsa space of improvement for me, but my confidence level has definitely been boosted today. Venepuncture would just be a piece of cake for me. XD (Oh well I took blood for 5 patients yesterday, the 1st one was an epic fail. XD)

And Dr Adrian inspired me again today. He criticised alot of those management plans (by other GP partners) which could have been done much better, as if he was reading my mind (cos I don’t dare to point out). For example, a patient with yellow discoloration of his big toe nail, has been treated with anti-fungal medication for more than a year, without even a nail-clip test done! The drug he has been taking is known to have side effects such as liver toxicity and may cause loss of sense of olfaction. In fact, most of the anti-fungal drugs have side effects and interactions with other drugs. Hence it is really important to confirm the diagnosis before prescribing the drug, and patient should be well-informed about the side effects. Apparently the patient knows nuts, and he has been taking it for more than a year, and was given a repeat prescription. Until recently when he noticed the discoloration comes back, it seems like the drug is not working anymore, that’s why he came back.

The truth is, if a fungal infection is not causing much trouble, it could be left untreated. It is more like a cosmetic problem for girls who want to present nice and wear nice shoes etc…

If only I could follow Dr AK and Dr Adrian for more sessions.

Time really flies, 3rd week of GP placement is coming to an end, 2 more weeks to go. > <

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  1. Huey Ling
    November 18, 2011 at 9:41 am

    nice die lar
    we can’t do procedure here
    and no one will choy us if we keep quiet
    have to ask with thick skin ><
    and my last venepuncture was…
    during my 2nd posting in semester 6
    it was like…ages ago
    and…I don't care ler =.=

    • ninja921
      November 18, 2011 at 1:57 pm

      here worse ok, I got ignored even if im thick skin and take initiative. I will update more about how i kena discriminated and affected by the racist female gp…

      Im very thickskin now, dun care just ask if i can do… :)
      which is a good change i think. XD

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