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The Little One!!

My sis-in-law just gave birth to a baby boy. 2 days before EDD.
Initially the plan was to have spontaneous vaginal delivery, but her cervix wasn’t dilated enough (only 4cm) ever since the show came out, about 12hours ago. So the dr decided to give her an epidural anaesthesia and proceed with LSCS.

NB: Show is a brownish or blood-tinged mucus discharge from cervix thru vagina which indicates the labour could be imminent. (ops, I think I don’t need to do much explanation right? Most of the readers are medical students LOL!)

According to my bro, she was totally drained and exhausted after the surgery and was shivering due to the side effect of the anaesthetics. He was very sakit hati.
But I’m really RELIEVED and overjoyed that both the mother and the son are safe and healthy. As she has 2 fibroids in her uterus which were detected only during her pregnancy. I’d say we all are relieved now. :)

Now may we give the little one the deepest and most sincere wish and blessings! Hope you will grow up healthily and must remember that your daddy & mommy love you whole-heartedly yea! :)

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  1. Huey Ling
    November 10, 2011 at 9:29 am

    CONGRATZ~! =D\

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