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Primary Care (GP Placement)

After the 6-week Life Cycle for Pelvis and Perineum, we have finally started our Year3 placement. I started with Primary care aka GP placement, at Yeadon Tarn Medical Practice. Initially I was arranged to be there alone, but suddenly another English guy was added into my practice too. Both good and bad points are there. Advantages, I can follow sbd’s car, I won’t feel so nervous to be alone with the GP in the consultation room, ie just have someone to boost my courage. At the same time, it trains myself to take the initiative to step out and ask more questions/request to do stuff. Disadvantages, the GPs just looked at him while talking to us, kinda ignored my existence. And ppl can be bitchy sometimes you know, so I’ve to be prepared. Oh well, I’ve expected this before, so yea it was still fine to me. :)

We did mostly history taking, or consultation on our own, then the GP would come over and we discussed the case together. I’d try to do more physical examination on the patients. Frankly speaking, all the patients are SUPER NICE! I hope I’d continue getting friendly and helpful patients who are willing to assist the medical students like me in the learning process. And all of them were surprised with my English proficiency. :)

Main reception of Yeadon Tarn Medical Practice

Yeadon Town

The lovely scenery + good weather at Yeadon

Hope I’d be able to do more hands on next week, eg Venepunctures and injections.

The sky turns dark SUPER EARLY nowadays, it’s not even winter yet. It is pitch dark at 5pm, and I heard in winter it’d be the same at 4pm. What the heck, how depressing it’d be. That’s why I’m training myself to be more cheerful and optimistics all the while. XD

See how dark is it? I cut through this park everyday… Halloween feeling right?

On the other hand, went for a Halloween party last week, kena forced by my friend. Haha, it was quite funny as I didn’t even drink a sip of alcohol throughout the whole night, which was ultimately hilarious and pointless for the people there if someone goes to a club. XD

Happy belated Halloween!

p/p/s: There is Haagen Dazs half-priced promotion!!!! Wheeeeee~~~~ oh dang, I need to do more running!!! grr….

Sinful, but full of love… XD

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