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The Burj Khalifa is the world’s highest building

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

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Crappy = Happy

November 17, 2011 2 comments

My temporary phone is retarded, indescribably retarded. It literally has no function at all except making phone calls or sending texts. And it gives 6 SHORT buzzes/vibrations when I receive a text/call.

My whole room smells like urine. Ever since the plumber came to repair the toilet flush (which I don’t even know when was it done), my room stinks as it someone has peed on the carpet. The pungent smell is sickening, despite me leaving my window opened. (The air is freezing)

My lunch is crappy. Have been eating apples and bananas as I woke up late this morning and has got no time to make sandwiches. The cold weather is not helping at all.

However, I am a happy man today!!!

I assisted in a minor surgery in the GP clinic. My first time injecting LA+Adrenaline subcutaneously around the lesions. My first time removing viral warts and seborrheic keratoses (a kind of abnormal skin growth) using a blade on a patient who is AWAKE! My first time using a heat probe to do thermocoagulation (to stop bleeding). And I practically worked together with the GP! Very proud of myself LOL! *heads up*

Finally I met a non-bitchy non-racist female GP in that clinic. She is super duper nice. Normally I need to be thick skin and take the initiative to ask if I can do certain procedures. Today was a totally opposite case. She asked me if I want to do!!!! Of course I said yes. LOL! Patiently, she demonstrated and explained to me what should I do, and all the instructions were given clearly and precisely. Certainly there are still lotsa space of improvement for me, but my confidence level has definitely been boosted today. Venepuncture would just be a piece of cake for me. XD (Oh well I took blood for 5 patients yesterday, the 1st one was an epic fail. XD)

And Dr Adrian inspired me again today. He criticised alot of those management plans (by other GP partners) which could have been done much better, as if he was reading my mind (cos I don’t dare to point out). For example, a patient with yellow discoloration of his big toe nail, has been treated with anti-fungal medication for more than a year, without even a nail-clip test done! The drug he has been taking is known to have side effects such as liver toxicity and may cause loss of sense of olfaction. In fact, most of the anti-fungal drugs have side effects and interactions with other drugs. Hence it is really important to confirm the diagnosis before prescribing the drug, and patient should be well-informed about the side effects. Apparently the patient knows nuts, and he has been taking it for more than a year, and was given a repeat prescription. Until recently when he noticed the discoloration comes back, it seems like the drug is not working anymore, that’s why he came back.

The truth is, if a fungal infection is not causing much trouble, it could be left untreated. It is more like a cosmetic problem for girls who want to present nice and wear nice shoes etc…

If only I could follow Dr AK and Dr Adrian for more sessions.

Time really flies, 3rd week of GP placement is coming to an end, 2 more weeks to go. > <

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The Little One!!

November 10, 2011 1 comment

My sis-in-law just gave birth to a baby boy. 2 days before EDD.
Initially the plan was to have spontaneous vaginal delivery, but her cervix wasn’t dilated enough (only 4cm) ever since the show came out, about 12hours ago. So the dr decided to give her an epidural anaesthesia and proceed with LSCS.

NB: Show is a brownish or blood-tinged mucus discharge from cervix thru vagina which indicates the labour could be imminent. (ops, I think I don’t need to do much explanation right? Most of the readers are medical students LOL!)

According to my bro, she was totally drained and exhausted after the surgery and was shivering due to the side effect of the anaesthetics. He was very sakit hati.
But I’m really RELIEVED and overjoyed that both the mother and the son are safe and healthy. As she has 2 fibroids in her uterus which were detected only during her pregnancy. I’d say we all are relieved now. :)

Now may we give the little one the deepest and most sincere wish and blessings! Hope you will grow up healthily and must remember that your daddy & mommy love you whole-heartedly yea! :)

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I cried again…

November 7, 2011 2 comments
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Primary Care (GP Placement)

November 5, 2011 2 comments

After the 6-week Life Cycle for Pelvis and Perineum, we have finally started our Year3 placement. I started with Primary care aka GP placement, at Yeadon Tarn Medical Practice. Initially I was arranged to be there alone, but suddenly another English guy was added into my practice too. Both good and bad points are there. Advantages, I can follow sbd’s car, I won’t feel so nervous to be alone with the GP in the consultation room, ie just have someone to boost my courage. At the same time, it trains myself to take the initiative to step out and ask more questions/request to do stuff. Disadvantages, the GPs just looked at him while talking to us, kinda ignored my existence. And ppl can be bitchy sometimes you know, so I’ve to be prepared. Oh well, I’ve expected this before, so yea it was still fine to me. :)

We did mostly history taking, or consultation on our own, then the GP would come over and we discussed the case together. I’d try to do more physical examination on the patients. Frankly speaking, all the patients are SUPER NICE! I hope I’d continue getting friendly and helpful patients who are willing to assist the medical students like me in the learning process. And all of them were surprised with my English proficiency. :)

Main reception of Yeadon Tarn Medical Practice

Yeadon Town

The lovely scenery + good weather at Yeadon

Hope I’d be able to do more hands on next week, eg Venepunctures and injections.

The sky turns dark SUPER EARLY nowadays, it’s not even winter yet. It is pitch dark at 5pm, and I heard in winter it’d be the same at 4pm. What the heck, how depressing it’d be. That’s why I’m training myself to be more cheerful and optimistics all the while. XD

See how dark is it? I cut through this park everyday… Halloween feeling right?

On the other hand, went for a Halloween party last week, kena forced by my friend. Haha, it was quite funny as I didn’t even drink a sip of alcohol throughout the whole night, which was ultimately hilarious and pointless for the people there if someone goes to a club. XD

Happy belated Halloween!

p/p/s: There is Haagen Dazs half-priced promotion!!!! Wheeeeee~~~~ oh dang, I need to do more running!!! grr….

Sinful, but full of love… XD

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