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Time to Say Goodbye

I have been busying with my luggage packaging. It was not fun at all. So many things to consider, to bring or not to bring, and at the same time need to fit all of them into my not-so-big-and-not-so-tough-luggage, whilst cannot exceed the baggage weight allowance, which is 30kg. But I have freaking a lot of stuff to bring!!!  argh….

And have been attending farewell dinner(sss) with relatives, friends, parent’s friends and more friends. Receiving angpow isn’t a fun thing as it means that I will need to bring back more present for them. Anyhow I truly appreciate it, thank you so much for all your wishes!! :)

Damn, I don’t know how many kg I have gained throughout this period!!

Having said that, I felt so mentally unprepared to leave. Totally…

Hope this is just a transition period, hope I get myself adapted in real soon. ><

Anyhow I don’t enjoy this crap… Please get me over this!!!!!!

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  1. Huey Ling
    September 4, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    con te partiro… ><
    i start missing you ler…
    how how?? T.T

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