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August 23, 2011 2 comments

Have been pondering about this.

Should I keep my Facebook account?

As in I wouldn’t actually need to bother so much with those acquaintances. Neither would I contact them nor would they do the same thing to me.

Whilst for true friends, I should make an effort to meet them up whenever I could. Right?

So, why bother keeping my facebook account?

hmm, maybe it’s time to MIA from FB, it’s purely a time-wasting tool.

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Facial Expression

August 20, 2011 4 comments

HL: I tell you ah....this this this Nat: *waves hands* Ahahahahahaha!!!

Nat: I saw a ghosttttt!!!!! HL: Woahh!!!! the ghost is prettier than me!!!!!!!!

Nat: Eh nope, I saw 2 ghostssssss actually.... HL: OMG TWO!!!!


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To You…

August 12, 2011 1 comment

I have always had alot to tell you, but at the same time I always don’t know where to start. Since I am leaving soon to the UK in less than a month time, I shall write down what I felt and not just forget about it.

I am the youngest in the family. I stayed at home the longest, compared to my two elder brothers. Relatively I am closer to you. At the same time, I know you expect more from me.

I know you want me to be at your sides. So I chose to stay at home most of the time during the past 9 months. I planned to go visiting my friends, traveling around, even do hospital attachment in different hospitals. But eventually I cancelled all the plans, because I want to keep you accompanied. And now in the last month of my very last long break, I wish to visit my friends before I fly off, it annoyed you again. Sigh… However I will still try to spend my time at home maximally, though I can’t do anything productive.

You complained a lot. About family, about Pa, about those aunties, about those 三姑六婆, about whoever around (I know, sometimes I joined the discussion too…haha) But do you know it is also not easy to be a listener, listening to rants all over again and again. It is like receiving negative aura constantly. I felt tired at times, but I still listen, because I love you. If I don’t listen, you have nowhere to vent. So, I will still listen.

You tend to lose your temper very easily, recklessly. Anything I did (we did), as long as it is not according to your wish or your order, you will be unhappy (even though the outcome is the same). For example, I drive you everyday for the past few months. We have various routes in order to get to the same destination. But you got annoyed if I don’t follow your instruction. “Turn here turn here!!!” But I have my thought too. If I didn’t follow, you are unhappy. You pulled your face long, you kept quiet. Waiting at the traffic lights, I waited but you wanted me to use the short cut to cut queue. If I didn’t follow, or didn’t make it in time, you got annoyed. I endured, as I don’t want you to get angrier. As I know your initial thought was for my own benefits.

But do you know, with your hot temper, your blood pressure shoots up easier, your heart-beat goes faster, with the bad mood your hormones go haywire then you got headache, gastric pain… And then you have insomnia. I want you to change your temper, so that you can stay happier, healthier, live longer. I want you to live long, long, forever; so that you can see me graduate from medical school, so that you can see me becoming a passionate, caring and successful doctor. I want to make you proud.

You like to compare me with whoever around. Perhaps my rather outstanding performance in childhood makes you having higher expectation on me. Maybe I didn’t work hard enough, maybe I am not smart enough. But I am always striving for the best. You compared me with your friend’s son (for example Ah Yong, which I hate to the max), you compared me with some relatives’ sons/daughters (even when we went for the same tuition class), you compared me with my classmates, my peers, and you even compared me with those excellent over-achievers/all-rounders who were successful enough to be reported in newspaper.

But do you know that each of us individual are different? That’s why we are individual. Maybe you overlook some good points in me which don’t exist on them? I am not genius, you can’t expect me to be the same as those people who appear in newspaper! If I do, I will be them already and not sitting here, right?

Yet I know you said these out of good thought. You want me to be successful, you want me to be a better man, you love to the max deep inside your heart. So I listen, I nod, and I put it inside my heart. However, I found the burden on my shoulders getting heavier day by day. I myself tend to compare myself with my peers. I constantly found that I am way behind schedule, and I felt myself have not been trying my best. Hence I felt guilty. I don’t know how far more the guiltiness in my heart can keep me going.

You might not know how much I love you. You might not know how proud am I to have you. You might not know how hard I am to make you feel proud. I, seriously, want you to feel proud of me.

I follow Taoism as my religion. But I believe in Buddhism too. I pray to the Buddha, please keep you and my family healthy. May you live long, happy and healthy ever after, so that I have enough time to prove myself to you all, to make you all proud. I am really, praying hard here…

I have a lot more to tell, but I don’t know how to continue. It’s fine, I guess these will be the source of power, the motivation to keep me going. Until the day I come back, I will be a different person.

I. Love. You.

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August 10, 2011 2 comments

After months of torture, bugging uni admin for CAS, running to and fro bank, Putrajaya, my uni, schools, visa centre, and all the worries & paranoid…

I finally have my VISA granted!!!! YAY!!!!

Can’t describe how relieved I am right now.

But, come to think about it, I will be flying in less than a month time! I will be leaving the mother land that I have been staying for almost 23 years! I am leaving my comfort zone to a total strange place, a total unfamiliar era! ><


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August 9, 2011 Leave a comment

有两个字,在我很小的时候就出现在我的字典里,到现在依然常被翻出 —- “算了”





你,没有家庭经济负担;你,不会了解其中的痛苦。 你口口声声说心里遭受压力,说别人对你苛刻,但你忘了享受荣华富贵,吃喝玩乐,没有后顾之忧的读书玩乐之中的快感。当然,你也没有看到,其他人在为生活拼搏努力奋斗流的血汗。 你说的话,在这些人的耳中听来,是多么的让人受伤。


不少人,总是在被受伤害之后,轻轻的摇摇头,叹口气说 “唉,算了吧。。。”

也有人爱说: 人在做,天在看。 当然,不能否认我是相当认同这句话。 但这也许也是华人 (包括我自己在内) 自我安慰的一种方式,也是一种通病。但我们,真的能够做到 “算了” 吗?




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August 9, 2011 2 comments

Of Patrick and Spongebob…

How sweet Patrick is?


“Knowledge cannot replace friendship. I’d rather be an idiot than lose you.” ~ Patrick to Spongebob.

It would be a bless to have a friend like that, wouldn’t it?

They appeared to be stupid, idiotic, mischievous. They play together, they get scolded together, they get cheated together, sometimes they might even fight with each other. However, none of them would keep their anger overnight. They treasure their friendship, they cherish every moment spending together, they love each other. :)

That’s why I love Patrick. XD

暖心 ~ 郁可唯

August 3, 2011 4 comments

这一首歌的甜度就比 “听你说” 来得更高了. 两小无猜的情侣, 用行动来表达对彼此的关心和爱护… how sweet right?

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