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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

July 7, 2011 2 comments

According to Wikipedia, PTSD is defined as — a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma. Click Here to read more.

The story I would like to share is something happened on me few months ago. I was tiding the files in my computer hard disk, and found out the file I typed after the event. I realised that I have not shared it here, which I thought is important to share in order to raise the awareness.

Here it goes.


I learned about this during the very first few PBL in semester1, the very first few PBL in my life. I never knew how it actually feels like, until it really happened to me.

Yesterday night, 11th Dec 2010 (Saturday), around 8.05pm, I was walking in KL’s Golden Triangle as usual after coming out from Pavilion. Together with me were Huey Ling, Dwee Shion, Miao, ChaoXui, Wesley, and Kim Yang. Right in front of Lot10, there was this stupid dunno-what-concert. And there was this traffic light, above there was the Bukit Bintang Monorail Station. (If you remember the location)

It happened like this. We were crossing the road; some of them crossed the road from the part which is nearer to the traffic light, whilst Miao, Shion and I were crossing from the further side. After we all crossed, Miao and I were laughing and talking about how Shion ran across the road. The next thing I remembered was I was punched by this Malay guy.

According to what I remembered and what my friends saw, I was just turning back to talk to Shion while walking. At the moment I walked past these “Flying Kick” gang, my swinging movement might have caused my bag having slight contact with the Malay guy. Perhaps, that was the trigger of my misfortune. (Note: Paul told me something after this..)

Yea, so he punched me. I lost balance, and fell on the ground. He continued by NUMEROUS kicks on my head. YEA, my HEAD! Temporal region, TMJ, mandibular region, occipital region… The way he kicked was like, I have killed his whole family and all the generation; or as if I have caused him having ED; or as if he just took Ketamine or Amphetamine. Non-stop, really flying kick.

I tried to apologize (as I thought I have offended him), it didn’t work. He then turned to my phone, attempted to pull it out of my pocket. But due to my curled position, my pants were quite tight hence he didn’t succeed. I sensed something really wrong, that I was really in danger. So I supported myself up, trying to leave. He then attacked me from back and my spectacles flew off.

With my blurry vision, I have forgotten how many of them in the gang came forward to continue attacking me. Shion was trying to push the Malay and me apart; he was then pushed by another idiot to the middle of the road, almost being hit by a car. Miao was shouting and trying her best to stop the insane Malay from attacking me. None of it worked. And ya, even when I was in my standing position, that Malay could still show his “flying kick” and kick my face.

Now I recalled back, throughout the whole process, I was totally in shock, didn’t really know what should I do and how should I react. Fortunately Miao shouted at me “RUNNNNNNN!!!” We escaped and ran for our lives.

Just few steps away, there were these 2 Big Fat Malay policemen. In such a chaos, I forgot what I have told them. But they were so slumber, slowly looking towards the direction and slowly walking towards those idiots. And there was soooo crowded, yet no one around actually cared that someone was creating a big hu-ha there.

I am really reluctant to recall how I managed to run to a safe spot and how I recovered from the dizziness. Being a medical student brings more fear to me. Knowing that there is this weak point on the skull called “Pterion”, and the anterior portion of middle meningeal artery could be ruptured if there’s direct trauma there. The pain in the temporal region, the dizziness, the nausea feeling, all these integrated together and raised my level of stress dramatically higher.

What freaks me off more is the thought of “what if the fellow was using any weapon instead of just kicking?” Or “what if there were even more drug addicts were attacking me and I couldn’t manage to escape?”

Again I’m worried about how should I tell my parents. I myself was freaked out, so I can’t imagine what would happen if I tell them. Therefore I decided not to let them know first after further medical investigation was done.

After the torturing journey from Sungei Wang to Time Square to LRT station back to Vista, I could finally sit on hueyling’s car to HUKM.

(to be continued… Part 2 about HUKM)

P/s: oh yea btw, heard from Paul that he saw a news from The Star months ago, about the same Golden Triangle too, there were these 2 Chinese young men attacked by the “FLYING KICK” too when they PASSED BY these group of people. Take note, they just PASSED BY. So I guess I was just one of the victims.

So ppl, please be more careful if you are in that area… Hope that no more people will be suffered..


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