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What can I do?

June 28, 2011 2 comments

My eldest bro just brought my sis-in-law for antenatal check up.

She was diagnosed to have 2 leiomyomas in her uterus during the previous check up. Put it aside first, hopefully it won’t affect the pregnancy much.

Now the foetus was diagnosed with Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation (CCAM), in one of the lobe of right lung. The report says there was Hyperechoic right thorax corresponds to CCAM, but luckily there is no obvious cardiac anomalies, no mediastinal shift. (Thank god)

Prognosis is favourable, 50% chance of total resolves upon 32 gestational week.

But I am still worried. I guess bro must be 100x more worried.

So I just did my research and tried my best to explain everything to him. Nothing can be done now, and unless surgery is needed, there is no particular treatment for it.

Let’s pray for the best. Hope everything is going to be alright….. ><


Haiz, what can I do for them? Bro sayang me alot. But I feel so useless now… I don’t know what can I do… :(

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June 28, 2011 2 comments


配乐是真的配得蛮好的,我稍微搜寻了一下,是Kokia的 “Arigatou”.



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Falling sick liao…

June 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Signs & Symptoms:  Sore throat, cold extremities, fatigue, myalgia

any D/D?

ARGH!! falling sick already…. :(

Drank plenty of water today, can’t see the effect yet.

Management: Going to take 2x 500mg Paracetamol, then go sleep.

Hopefully can get better tomorrow. ><

Good night world…

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Very pointless entry

June 24, 2011 2 comments

Of super canggih Idol (the murderer) and the super lame fan (victim)


Lim says:
 Idol natasha
Natasha says:
Lim says:
 i will call your name from now
 no harm for me, i just type extra 7 letters
Natasha says:
 my name is NATASHA
Lim says:
Natasha says:
Lim says:
Natasha says:
Lim says:
 make it in capital letters right
Natasha says:
 you will see la kian, come back first person to chop is youuu!
Lim says:
 or you want IDOL NATASHA?
 or idOl NATASHA
Natasha says:
 i want to kill you only
Lim says:
Natasha says:
 good good ;)
 you mou sha an zi!
 haha… can go on the headlines :):):)
Lim says:
嫌犯为 就读于英国曼彻斯特大学的高材生,拿大杀黄淑玲(偶像)
 谋杀了她的常驻粉丝 林建
Natasha says:
 i should post this up on facebook
 youuuu are really too freeee nothing to do
Lim says:
 yes idol NATASHA
 feel free :D

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Broken Heart… LOL!!! XD

June 24, 2011 6 comments

*cracks* –> *priang* !!!! 

You la you la… tsk tsk tsk, you know who you are… XD

Never give me a chance also then suddenly changed your status into “In a relationship” already.

Some more with a guy MORE HANDSOME THAN ME!!! TSK!!!!!

How dare you…

I don’t care, you owe me another meal… TEEHEE!!!! XD


Just kidding la, you two so SWEET CAN?? but make sure don’t get diabetes yea? :D


Go re-read this post again…  黑白配


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Some Rants

June 21, 2011 2 comments

Not in very good mood, and feel like crapping here.

My driving license was expired, can’t drive now, can’t go anywhere even if I want. CAS letter is still not issued yet, and they are not replying my mail again, what the f*** kind of efficiency is this? And need to prepare of IELTS, trying my best to do some exercises and reading more passages, learning more Vocab which I have returned all to my teachers. Air ticket not booked yet, cos the travel agent doesn’t reply my mail too. I reckon she ignored it, as this was not the 1st time already. My intuition is always so bad. Now the money we need to put in an account (for VISA application), I just realised Dad saved it as Fixed deposit, and we are required to put in savings or current account, with the amount for Living expenses too (not just tuition fees). Haiz I’m so screwed up. Why is everything so messed up? I am supposed to be goyang-kaki-ing by now!!!!

Why do I feel like everything is just not on the right tract? Anyway I can lead them on tract?????




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Halo sir, can you show me your License?

June 21, 2011 Leave a comment

So yea, I did something extremely daring, without knowing.

My driving license has expired for >3 months, yet I have still been driving like no one business, and I even drove to Singapore the night before I discovered the expiry.

Geng right? :D

This is not mine, so have to protect his identity... XD


Wow, now came to think about it, I went through quite a number of road-block within this period. Thank god none of them required me to show my driving license. ><

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