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Some rants

My days have not been productive for 2 weeks ever since I finished my Elective posting in SGH.  (**Not that it was VERY PRODUCTIVE during posting days!!!!!** urgh….)

Which means? I have been literally rotting at home. Ok, maybe not only at home, but most of the time, at home. (See!! This is a definite sign of it!)

Well I certainly felt guilty seeing people studying, those in clinical schools. Whilst all of them shut my mouth, saying that I should stop grousing, and ENJOY my holidays. As I’m gonna regret after I go to the UK if I do not enjoy now. Ok lah maybe I can study on myself a bit. But, lacking the stress and motivation, and also the “peer pressure”, I don’t seem able to do like what I used to — Sit down and study for whole day long. Yea, I am a person who is very passive and require a lot of peer pressure. (You know, medical school life if hard, especially with a bunch of smart, astute people)

I thought I have so-called planned my holiday well. However only the first 4 months + of it are done with something. From now on I seriously have no idea what I’m gonna do. The applications to Leeds was kinda bumpy, no thanks to SUPER EFFICIENT IMU’S AAD! WTH. Freaking ignored my mails. And they haven’t sent our sem4,5 results to Leeds, which was the main culprit of the delay in issuing CAS.

Temporary plan/wish for the next few months:

– Seize every opportunity to sneak into any clinical sessions in Sbn. =X

– Settle my VISA application smoothly.

– Utilise my time to the fullest, with my family, and Friends!!!!!!

– Keep myself sane.

Now my only wish is, FORGE AHEAD! with no regrets… :)

A song which is always in my heart… :)

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  1. Huey Ling
    May 18, 2011 at 4:28 pm


    • ninja921
      May 19, 2011 at 4:16 am

      dun haiz haiz haiz la… things will get better… :)

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