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Hello sir, can you SQUEEZE for me?

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Not orange definitely.

The one i did was more fun.


So I have started my elective posting in Colorectal Surgery department of SGH (Singapore General Hospital). In fact yesterday was the 1st day, which was nothing at all, basically just some lame briefing introduction to few of us who are doing elective within this period. The person in charged — QiuHui even wanted me to control the powerpoint slides for them to view. (Super damn lame boring…) . And so sad, the adorable-nice-sweet girl QiuYan resigned already. Must be kena bullied till the max.

After the briefing Derek (HongKong guy who studied in Uni of Nottingham, and was overseas since young. Hence no HK accent) and I stayed in Dr Julian Ong Kian Peng’s clinic. Seen some follow-up cases. Nothing much.

Today morning, reached ward at 7.20am for the ward round at 7.30am.  =.=

Doctors here work like cow.

Generally and surprisingly most of the doctors in Colorectal surgery are nice. Met MO Dr Pauleon from Sri Petaling!!! :D (He is nice and friendly, talked to me quite alot. Maybe we are both Malaysians). Registrar Dr Sim (the only female Dr in the dept I have seen so far, quite willing to teach though). Professor Bernard Lim, quite nice also.

Dr Julian Ong is an associate professor. He is seriously a workaholic. Morning period dunno how many endoscopy and colonoscopy he did, (I observed), then afternoon time he had like 30+ waiting for him in the clinic. Halfway, somemore can jumped to another sudden colonoscopy case. ==

He was complaining that I won’t see this hectic doctor life in Malaysia and the UK. Indeed…. ==

Oh btw, got to do Digital rectal examination (DRE) today. Did on quite a few patients before they had their colonoscopy. XD …  But it wasn’t like how we normally did in CSU. Skipped the explanation part, skipped the inspection part, straight away jumped to lubrication and insertion (of index finger). =.=

So conclusion is: Human rectum is warm and tight. External anal sphincter is a strong muscle.


Extra: Dr Julian was breaking bad new to a lady who was diagnosed with sigmoid colon cancer stage 2. He actually did quite a great job, to me. But maybe can show more empathy. He asked me after that: “Hey do you think the way I said was fine…. Haiz I always don’t really good in…” “Breaking bad news?”  “Yea, breaking bad news.”


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