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Pre-exam syndrome

November 20, 2010 Leave a comment

*This again applies to those who are sitting for EOS5 in 9 days time only*

ya, again, if you are reading this now, you are SCREWED!

Okla, maybe screwed or you have finished studying, and now showing off in my blog. (To prevent offense to those who are really geng, and have studied dunno 2398079186374 times)

And according to my friends around me, I am having Bipolar symptoms lately, without me noticing.


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November 18, 2010 2 comments
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X-Ray’s 115th anniversary!!!

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Yay! Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to X-ray… Happy birthday to youu…..

It’s the 115th anniversary of X-ray! Didn’t know it has such a long history. Thanks to it, the medical field could progress better and save more lives. And no thanks to it, we medical students need to learn whole lots more… haha! But seriously there are way too much to learn about X-ray, hope I could do more research and study more on how useful X-ray is in diagnostic medicine, during my pre-PMS long break. 

X-ray was created by German Physicist Wilhelm Rontgen on 8th November, 1895. (The LA news monitor typed the date wrongly, became 1985… =.=)

If you are interested, can go read this up…  News

And the History + Intro about X-ray… Wikipedia

So, today is 8th Nov 2010…. Sharks…. 3 more days to Summative…. =.=  Wonderful~

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I am Soooo Screwed!

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Heck yea, exam is just one week away from now, yet I am still wasting my time here! WTH!

And for those who are reading this post, you are screwed too… cos you are wasting your time… hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Good luck people…

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