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Dream ~ 1

Date: 14 Aug 2010 (night) ~ 15 Aug 2010 (morning)


a) Part1 : In supermarket, preparing for graduation farewell party.

b) Part2 : After party, everyone leaving.

c) Part3 : In a park, with secondary school friends, weird combination, weird stuff happened.

d) Part4 : (REM) In somewhere looks like Indonesia, got shot…


Part 1 characters involved: Nelson, Lily, Cha Lee (sec sch fren), Cheng Ing, some IMU friends, and some IMU staffs.

It was a scene where all of us were busy preparing for convocation. Nelson suggested to have a graduation farewell party, with steamboat and etc, something like a last gathering before we all leave. Then we all were busy choosing stuff in a supermarket. Meanwhile, suddenly saw some IMU SSD staffs were setting up a stage, looked like there were going to have a ceremony or what. Yea, they were having this IMU Awards Day. One of the award I heard was “Most dedicating student”, and the winner was Mr Nelson Lee!!! *claps*

***Transition to Part 2 ***

Part 2 characters involved: Nelson, Lily, Cheng Ing, Huey Ling, William, Wesley, Chao Xui, Shion, etc etc

After steamboat party. Everyone was leaving. I stood outside the place we stayed, it was like a small bungalow. Watching everyone leaving, William, ChaoXui, Shion went to bus station, Cheng Ing & Wesley rushing for flight. Huey Ling hilang. Towards the end, left me, Nelson and Lily. Their flights were on the next day, hence they suggested to go for a tour around the town.

***Transition to Part 3***

Part 3 characters involved: Lily, Wesley, Sec Sch frens (Wan Ting, Cheng Roei, Tie Yi, Han Yu, Sheng Chyang…)

We were in an olden British style part. With old wooden swing, see-saw and slide. It was like in Autumn, with leaves falling down while wind blew. We sat down under a huge tree with a table and benches under it. Cheng Roei and I discovered this fantastic slope nearby. There were these 2 pathway, up and down, when you walked on it, it would move by itself. Something like an escalator made of cemented pathway, ie moving-pathway. We found it amazing and therefore walked on it few times repeatedly.

Sorry my arts isn't good, dunno how to demonstrate out the slope...

After a while, we stopped and sat down to eat some food. Of a sudden, Lily and Wesley appeared around the slope and started walking on it. And I heard them saying that “Wah so hard to walk, so steep the slope, have to hold the bar at the side…”

What? The slope wasn’t steep at all when I first walked on it! So I decided to try again. But this time, it was totally different from just now. The slope became very steep and I couldn’t even see the other end of it. How come? It was very short initially! Cheng Roei and I had to hold the bar at the side but we slipped down. While we were trying to go up, I felt like the slope had become steeper and steeper, almost 90 degree perpendicular to the ground. But Cheng Roei seemed walked up very easily. Very fast, I lost her, and slipped down to the never ending end. And there, I saw Lily and Wesley.

***Transition to Part 4***

Part 4 characters involved: Wolf, William, Wesley, Lily, Nelson, homestay’s family, homestay’s daughter Fen Fen, some unknown people.

(This part of the dream only lasted for about 15 mins, but I felt like I spent one whole day there…)

This final scene looked rather eerie and terrifying. The sky was always dark and down, grayish & brownish in colour. It looked like a trip, in Indonesia. The whole place was full of weird churches, temples and funny-looking buildings. We walked around, and put our luggage in a home-stay.

Had our dinner, and it was around 11pm. However the streets looked kinda creepy and extraordinary quiet. Couldn’t see any people walking around, and what we could see were only churches and temples. Suddenly, wolf suggested to play a game.

“Use stones to throw onto the target (the peak of churches’/temples’ rooftop). ”

I found this game rather dangerous as we know no one from local, and this might insult any of those goddess or whatsoever. I told myself I am not going to play this in my dream. And I tried to stop them but it was too late.

We all were in the room we stayed in the home-stay. The home-stay’s family daughter FenFen was with us. Suddenly I felt somebody touching my head. But I was leaning on the wall with no one behind me!!!! Who could touch my head? My 6th sense told me not to say anything so that those “stuff” won’t realise that I have discovered “them”. Next, what happened was this creepy looking man, with a clown make-up, was sitting beside William. (William was sitting beside me, on the bed) That fellow was bleeding from his eyes, nose, mouth and ears… Extremely terrifying look. But I saw William talking to “him” !!!!! Then I thought William saw the stuff too, so I asked,

“Hey, you saw also ah??”

He turned to me with this confused look ,”Saw what??”

Right at the moment, I know it’s gone case for me. The Indonesian girl Fen Fen turned her head like a puppet, with her facial expression turned very scary. (Like what happened to the girl in “The Exorcist”)

Suddenly, from no where, Wolf found this toy gun, of course, with no bullet. Fen Fen took the gun from him, and started pointing at people.

Pointed to Wolf,  “Takde…” she said. (Means no bullet)

Pointed to William, “Takde…”

Pointed to Wesley, “Takde…”

At last, she pointed to me… I gasped and dare not moved…

She shot at me… twice….

Not black out, I “white-out” instead, everything around me turned white….

Right before I woke up, I saw this newspaper floating in front of me. It was an Indonesian Chinese Newspaper, with some huge words on it…

“芬芬枪杀牙医” (Means, “Fen Fen shot dentists with gun”)

So, some questions kept on appearing in my mind in the few seconds before I woke up.

“Why dentists????”

“Did I die???”


The End…

So, Inception was right? yea, you got shot in dream, you would wake up…..

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  1. August 22, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    I hope I have such vivid dream. It seems fun, although you’re killed =.=|||. I always remember only some scenes from my dream which I definitely couldn’t linked them into a story like that.

    • ninja921
      August 23, 2010 at 11:40 am

      but sometime you’d wish to have good sleep… trust me you wont want to have this kinda dreams…. ==

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