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Are you aware of…

“Madam, are you aware of any water pooling around your house?”

“Sir, are you aware of smoking is bad for health?”

“Are you aware of passive smoking?”


It was part of our Community Medicine project. So with the began of Semester 5, we were required to do a Comm Med project, comprises a house-hold survey, a research project and an organisation detailed report, not forgetting the presentation + final portfolio report.

In two weeks time, with a blur mind after a one-month-totally-doing-nothing-everyday-eat-sleep-play-watchTV-rusty-blunted-mind, we welcomed the starting of the toughest semester in phase 1. Lecturers bombarded us with all the information about statistics, survey, researches, analysis… which I hated to the max. But no choice, 4% of our final grade, I still have to do it.

I don’t want to recall the torturing process of figuring out what to do in our group project. And not mentioning the hot sun, long distance walk, tiring, being rejected for numerous times, awful attitude of the respondents, we eventually completed our house-hold survey. Now I know how hard it is to do a house-hold survey. Next time if want to do a research, do something easier such as going to an institute where respondents can fill in the form themselves. Haha!! And next time, I will try my best to answer a survey if anyone would like to do one. (To stop the vicious cycle… ==)

SPSS became our good friend, but I still don’t know him well enough. Keying in data is another horrible process, but it could be fun though. Looking at some of the data crapped out by some of our group-mate without being processed in mind first, I laughed my ass off for quite a number of times.

Eg. 5.5metre height,

everyday exercise for 10 hours,

22year old guy with a smoking history of 20 years,

someone who is not smoking at all has the intention to QUIT smoking…..

all the crap la….

Now, I just want to get it over as soon as possible…


All and all,

I have been reminded for many many times…


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  1. August 15, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    the 5.5m is my case izzit?
    who’s the other pro?
    ‘everyday exercise for 10 hours,
    22year old guy with a smoking history of 20 years,’??

    • ninja921
      August 18, 2010 at 1:03 pm

      haha i think from say yee’s case… the rest i forgot who did the interview ady… damn funny…

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