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Another sleepless night caused by Caffeine

I guess someone might be laughing at my low caffeine tolerance after seeing this.

But seriously, no joke, it was not fun at all. Especially during this critical period which I need to catch every single moment precisely for studying… =.=

What happened was, yesterday lunch time, XinYing bought herself a cup of Iced-Neslo (Nescafe+Milo). Out of curiousity, I tried it out and found it amazingly nice. :) So it should be good enough to support me throughout the day ain’t it? Especially for people like me who don’t drink coffee. Yea, seriously don’t drink. I drank like, 2 cups of coffee throughout the last 4 years??? something like that.

Then, after Histopathology lab, we came down to Elab. Zhi Lin and Xin Ying suddenly walked in with cups of hot water + packed coffee powder + sugar etc… Wow! Free drinks outside!!! Despite thinking of the sequela of adding in more caffeine load to myself, few of us rushed out to grap ourselves a cup of drink before being found out by the very FIERCE kakak. (p/s: I put 2 packets somemore. Sorry la I really inexperienced, thought people normally do that…)

Yea, there goes my day.

I started developing fine tremors during lecture. My heart rate was MAINTAINED at about 96 b/m. And I had sort of funny kinda feeling which I couldn’t explain. Just purely weird.

12am, I went back home. Time to sleep yea? But my eyes were still wide opened. Both mental and physical part of my body were drained yet I couldn’t sleep. And yea, no one cared. Who asked me to drink coffee? Yea sendiri cari pasal. I struggled until 2.40am, cannot take it anymore. Nothing can go into my brain.

By the way I tried anything I could find, just like trial and error, to see if I could get the antidotes for Caffeine. I drank water, I drank chrysanthemum (by lawrence!! thanks so much), I ate apples, I ate bread… =.= but nothing seems worked. I bathed with warm water, and I listened to soft musics, I studied… Yes, just basically anything I could do.

And I ended up frying fish in my bed.

(Fish? Yea I am the fish lah!! and my bed is the frying pan!!!) –> turn and toss lah in case you can’t understand.

Something funny was, I had my last cup of coffee 12 hours before 3am. So the effect still lasts in me after 12 hours!!! Amazing man!! I was pretty surprised by that. Conclusion? I have low caffeine tolerance?

So yea, after the sem3 issue of “YunYeong” (Tea+coffee), I had my 2nd sleepless night due to coffee.

Thank you so much la…

Say No to Coffee

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  1. licia
    May 21, 2010 at 9:56 am

    it’s seriously hard not to laugh, when u start by saying someone would definitely laugh. :)
    if you had internet connections at home, i’d have kept you company and prevent you from frying yourself. haha!
    you should make full use of caffeine now. especially if you need somethg to keep you awake. mix with milo. more milo than coffee powder. it’d also help your tolerance. lol.

    • ninja921
      June 2, 2010 at 4:23 pm

      yalor, what to do… XD
      but im kinda addicted to Neslo…

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