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Google search page has gone pacmania~

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It’s for Pacman’s 30th anniversary!!!

woow man, the game that I have been playing since young! =D

Absolute coolness~

Click the insert coin button to play.

It’s a whole lot of fun… wahahahahahahaha..

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内心的渴 望比表面来得多

像从来没有 失过望受过伤
更坚持微笑 要暖得像太阳


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Another sleepless night caused by Caffeine

May 21, 2010 2 comments

I guess someone might be laughing at my low caffeine tolerance after seeing this.

But seriously, no joke, it was not fun at all. Especially during this critical period which I need to catch every single moment precisely for studying… =.=

What happened was, yesterday lunch time, XinYing bought herself a cup of Iced-Neslo (Nescafe+Milo). Out of curiousity, I tried it out and found it amazingly nice. :) So it should be good enough to support me throughout the day ain’t it? Especially for people like me who don’t drink coffee. Yea, seriously don’t drink. I drank like, 2 cups of coffee throughout the last 4 years??? something like that.

Then, after Histopathology lab, we came down to Elab. Zhi Lin and Xin Ying suddenly walked in with cups of hot water + packed coffee powder + sugar etc… Wow! Free drinks outside!!! Despite thinking of the sequela of adding in more caffeine load to myself, few of us rushed out to grap ourselves a cup of drink before being found out by the very FIERCE kakak. (p/s: I put 2 packets somemore. Sorry la I really inexperienced, thought people normally do that…)

Yea, there goes my day.

I started developing fine tremors during lecture. My heart rate was MAINTAINED at about 96 b/m. And I had sort of funny kinda feeling which I couldn’t explain. Just purely weird.

12am, I went back home. Time to sleep yea? But my eyes were still wide opened. Both mental and physical part of my body were drained yet I couldn’t sleep. And yea, no one cared. Who asked me to drink coffee? Yea sendiri cari pasal. I struggled until 2.40am, cannot take it anymore. Nothing can go into my brain.

By the way I tried anything I could find, just like trial and error, to see if I could get the antidotes for Caffeine. I drank water, I drank chrysanthemum (by lawrence!! thanks so much), I ate apples, I ate bread… =.= but nothing seems worked. I bathed with warm water, and I listened to soft musics, I studied… Yes, just basically anything I could do.

And I ended up frying fish in my bed.

(Fish? Yea I am the fish lah!! and my bed is the frying pan!!!) –> turn and toss lah in case you can’t understand.

Something funny was, I had my last cup of coffee 12 hours before 3am. So the effect still lasts in me after 12 hours!!! Amazing man!! I was pretty surprised by that. Conclusion? I have low caffeine tolerance?

So yea, after the sem3 issue of “YunYeong” (Tea+coffee), I had my 2nd sleepless night due to coffee.

Thank you so much la…

Say No to Coffee

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Protected: The Charisma to attract attached-girls (part 2)

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“Life is unfair.”

Yea, that is the only line i remembered from the conference.

So I have to accept it, adapt to it, and see what I can do with it the best.

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Protected: The Charisma to attract attached-girls

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