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Blog ohhh Blog…

January 31, 2010 1 comment


Ain’t I supposed to update my dead blog more frequently? And now it has become dead and deserted again… =.=


Ok, let’s hope that I will update after my Elective posting. 1 more week left… woohoo!

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Highly Recommended~1

January 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Hopefully I would be able to continue this series longer, to introduce some good food/stuff/place which I have tried before. Used to not managed to continue any longer (cannot use some sensitive term lately as result is coming out) due to the study load. hur hur, as if how hardworking I am. (All because of laziness!!!)

Hence, I start off with an old old bakery, somewhere very near my dad’s shop, about 2 minutes walking distance (maybe less than that).

Sin Luan Hong Bakery

Looked very old huh...

I don’t know exactly how old is the shop, but I am sure it was there before I was born. Therefore, it should be older than 21-year-old already.

Apart from bakery, it is also a coffee shop, selling buns, bread, kaya, ice-cream, etc

Home-made Kaya, with their own recipe

Their kaya cannot be kept very long, but it’s really really tasty. And guaranteed fresh. =)

And the best stuff is (which I like the most) their Kaya bun!!! Everyday 3.30pm, you can smell the fragrance of freshly baked bun, whenever you pass by there, even the small backyard and alley behind… Just to smell it, you will feel darn contented. LOL!!!!

3.30pm sharp!! omigosh!!

Yea, imagine the tenderly soft texture of the freshly baked bun, and the hot kaya leaked out after your 1st bite, which burns your oral cavity or tongue, and the wonderful taste & sweetness of the kaya… wow~ heaven.


Other choices?

Sorry for the bad picture quality. The butter bun of this shop is good as well. So as those Tao Sa pia, Beh Teh Soh… etc But for these, you need their “members” in order to get the freshest wan, which is still very hot when you eat.  Haha!

Name: Sim Luan Hong 新联丰

Business time: Morning abt 8/9am till evening

Monday ~ Sunday, depending on their mood. XD

Why do I hate couples in DIABETIC relationship

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Alright sorry peeps for abandoning this blog for QUITE SOME TIME. Life has been very stressful and I was in deprive of time to study for my EOS3. There are lots more I need to update here, and I am now in holiday, which I am currently in aimless mode. Wait till I switch myself into the more proper me, I promise to blog properly. Haha! Anyhow I know there ain’t many people reading this.

Ok about the title of this entry, let the pictures below, or more precisely, the conversations tell the story. Please click on the picture to see the clearer version. =|

See!!! This just one out of a million of them. Sorry la whatever you say about me, jealous or what, I cannot tahan …


Current mood: Worried. Worried for the 8th day of the year to come. GAWD!!!

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