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Thank you, for making me stronger.

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Thank you for disliking me, you made me realised that how much I like myself, and how much my friends like me.

Thank you for teasing me, you strengthened my mental health.

Thank you for laughing at me, you helped me in realising what do I lack of, and you made me improved.

Thank you for blackmailing me, you assisted me in seeing through one’s true face now and in future.

Thank you for being sarcastic, you enriched my vocabulary and personal experiences.

Thank you for being yourself, or not being yourself, you entertained me with your foolish funny faces.

Thank you for showing off, I gained alot via your wonderful sharing session.

Thank you for pushing me down the cliff, I would find my way up again as soon as possible.




And too, thank you those who encouraged and cared for me, I will do my best.

Thank you, and I won’t be beaten down so easily.

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Sleepless Night

October 24, 2009 2 comments

We had a “so-called-surprise” for the birthday boy last night by Vista B pool side. But damn sien ZzZzz he is way too smart to figure it out. Thought of having it earlier so that he might not suspect but huh…… Yea he knew it. It’s true, to surprise ppl is hard, but to act surprised is even harder… =.=”

So messed him up by throwing him into pool, poured flour and messed up the place. I was not the main role last night but yea, thanks to banana girl who doesn’t know how to use the spray, kena me pulak! LOL!!! And also kena lotsa flour, okay, what to do I was the criminal holding the packet of flour. Can’t blame anyone… XD

Cut cake, cleaned up the crime scene, cleaned up ourselves, went to Old-Town to continue the yumcha session. Either I am hypersensitive to the coffee or there’s something wrong with it, I felt nausea and discomfort in my epigastric region after having the white coffee. And I memang siao wan, I literally drank Coffee once every 6 months, some more I ordered it AT NIGHT! Yea, so it gave me an additional present to stay awake till 4am. Was darn tired but couldn’t sleep. Lied on bed for dunno how long before I actually started the chess game with the god of sleep.

And the birthday boy, took so long to make him take picture with banana girl. Haih haih, wasted my time nia…. wahahahahaahahaha!!! Hope they don’t mind, that was just for entertainment. Btw, I am not that evil okay…

Kesian he almost gonna throw his shirt after kena messed up by water+flour. Haha, guilty guilty cos I was the one pouring flour on him after he came out of the pool. So, tried many ways to get rid off those stubborn flour particles that sticked on his shirt. Finally the hot water method worked. Haha!

*No pictures cos still waiting for them to upload*

Happy Birthday in Advance again Prof ZM, Utan, Maggi Master!!!


Owww going for my cousin’s wedding later, for 2 days… =.= There goes my weekends! haha!

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Protected: 21SX,my first,hopefully my last bitching post.(Way too Vulgar,unsuitable for the public)

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Emo post again

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment

The agony is overwhelming.

Should I stay on, or move on?

What bother me the most is still, there is a possibility that both decision would make me regret.

I hate being regret, it’s sucks.

Yet, ain’t I feeling worse stuck in this situation?

Haih, I don’t know.

Yea, I have never known myself well.

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October 14, 2009 Leave a comment

So in return, I have to post this right~

Quackkk…. or Moooooo

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