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Thank you, for making me stronger.

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Thank you for disliking me, you made me realised that how much I like myself, and how much my friends like me.

Thank you for teasing me, you strengthened my mental health.

Thank you for laughing at me, you helped me in realising what do I lack of, and you made me improved.

Thank you for blackmailing me, you assisted me in seeing through one’s true face now and in future.

Thank you for being sarcastic, you enriched my vocabulary and personal experiences.

Thank you for being yourself, or not being yourself, you entertained me with your foolish funny faces.

Thank you for showing off, I gained alot via your wonderful sharing session.

Thank you for pushing me down the cliff, I would find my way up again as soon as possible.




And too, thank you those who encouraged and cared for me, I will do my best.

Thank you, and I won’t be beaten down so easily.

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Sleepless Night

October 24, 2009 2 comments

We had a “so-called-surprise” for the birthday boy last night by Vista B pool side. But damn sien ZzZzz he is way too smart to figure it out. Thought of having it earlier so that he might not suspect but huh…… Yea he knew it. It’s true, to surprise ppl is hard, but to act surprised is even harder… =.=”

So messed him up by throwing him into pool, poured flour and messed up the place. I was not the main role last night but yea, thanks to banana girl who doesn’t know how to use the spray, kena me pulak! LOL!!! And also kena lotsa flour, okay, what to do I was the criminal holding the packet of flour. Can’t blame anyone… XD

Cut cake, cleaned up the crime scene, cleaned up ourselves, went to Old-Town to continue the yumcha session. Either I am hypersensitive to the coffee or there’s something wrong with it, I felt nausea and discomfort in my epigastric region after having the white coffee. And I memang siao wan, I literally drank Coffee once every 6 months, some more I ordered it AT NIGHT! Yea, so it gave me an additional present to stay awake till 4am. Was darn tired but couldn’t sleep. Lied on bed for dunno how long before I actually started the chess game with the god of sleep.

And the birthday boy, took so long to make him take picture with banana girl. Haih haih, wasted my time nia…. wahahahahaahahaha!!! Hope they don’t mind, that was just for entertainment. Btw, I am not that evil okay…

Kesian he almost gonna throw his shirt after kena messed up by water+flour. Haha, guilty guilty cos I was the one pouring flour on him after he came out of the pool. So, tried many ways to get rid off those stubborn flour particles that sticked on his shirt. Finally the hot water method worked. Haha!

*No pictures cos still waiting for them to upload*

Happy Birthday in Advance again Prof ZM, Utan, Maggi Master!!!


Owww going for my cousin’s wedding later, for 2 days… =.= There goes my weekends! haha!

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Protected: 21SX,my first,hopefully my last bitching post.(Way too Vulgar,unsuitable for the public)

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Emo post again

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment

The agony is overwhelming.

Should I stay on, or move on?

What bother me the most is still, there is a possibility that both decision would make me regret.

I hate being regret, it’s sucks.

Yet, ain’t I feeling worse stuck in this situation?

Haih, I don’t know.

Yea, I have never known myself well.

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October 14, 2009 Leave a comment

So in return, I have to post this right~

Quackkk…. or Moooooo

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Of Team and Friends

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment

How to start? hmm… Perhaps it would be better for me to start with examples.

Let’s say, KA and FIA are good friends. KA is studying in MMMC (Yam Yam Yam See, not to mention the full name, a Medical school in Malaysia). FIA has just finished his Pre-U education, and is ready to choose where to register to study Medicine as well. After certain time of consideration, FIA has finally decided to go to M*n**h University (yea we all “love” MU). So FIA is happily telling KA about that.

FIA: “Yay I’m going to MU!”

KA: *a bit shocked* Ohh? Really? Good for you! =) I thought you wanna come to MMMC as well?

FIA: Nahhhh! I DON’T WANT TO GO THERE! It is LOUSY! No Standard! MU is much much much better~

KA: *silence* okay…

So, maybe FIA is just showing his preference naturally, but he is hurting KA badly without realising. Think of it, you are cursing a school where your good friend is studying in, right in front of him! How would he feel? But as a friend, he couldn’t show the emotion out too obviously what, he still cares of your feeling (the other way round huh?) Definitely, you can show your preference, but remember, never never curse the school where your friend is studying in front of him/her.


Okay, another example. HSN and AK are friends too. They both love sports. One day, they are watching (ermm… which sport to choose ah?) … okay watching football together (more common). HSN supports Womanchester United (WU), whereas AK idolised Moonderland (ML). Just nice the match is between Womanchester United and Moonderland. They are both excited… So in the mamak stall….

*cheers of WU fans* *cheers of ML fans*

HSN: WooOOooooOoooOOoo~~~  GOOOAALLLL!!! AGAIN!!! *beat AK’s shoulder* Yohh! One more goal lahh!!

AK: *nod nod* okay okay…

By the end of the 90th minutes, WU scored 8:0 against ML.

HSN to his WU fans friends: Hahaha! ML memang noob lah! Like that also can score 8:0 ah! haha!

HSN to AK: Hahahahaha!!! Now WU is leading Brsenal with 9 points! Woohoo! Thanks to your ML ah!

AK: *keep quiet but bitter smile*  heh heh… okay.

This might be quite common, yet many of us are unaware of it. Do care about your friend’s feeling yea?


Okay come to the main point. When I fell into the situation, where I happened to be in the team, or supported the team which is against my friend’s team, I used to be aware of these matter. I wanted to cheer for my team, but my friend in the opponent team was playing as well. So I would either cheer for both or keep my mouth shut, just give the mental support. Most of the time, you do not need to cheer to show your support. Just to be there, or by showing a thumb, or an assuring eyesight, I think it would be good enough to be an encouragement. Yes, you are showing your support whilst not hurting the other party.

But again, there is a limit. When I am irritated until certain extend, I would just heck care about who is who, as I am still in the team. If someone beside me, my friend, were to show his/her support to the opponent team in front of me, purposely or subconsciously, I would fight back. I DONT MEAN THAT they can’t show their support, but towards an extend, at least you should respect your friend who is beside you, who is from another team. Yes, it is when my tail is being stepped on and I am disturbed and irritated exceeded my limit. Of course, for sure I wouldn’t purposely go attack the opposing team where my friend is in. But I would show my stand clear cut, cheer for my team and clap and yell and whatsoever. So what I wanted to say is, BE CONSIDERATE. Care of your friends’ feeling. Be in their shoes. And not to shed your crocodile tears. Thank you.

This post might be quite pointless.

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暗示~符琼音// 曲終人散~張宇,楊駿文

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

真的觉得她唱得很棒,非常有穿透力,犹如一支穿心箭,单刀直入地刺入心坎里。但有些地方有点过头了,变得像是“明示” 了,而不像暗示。少了一点“暗示” 的无奈,伤感。。。








再来听听另一首我最近常听的歌。曲终人散,一个是原唱张宇的版本,另一个是杨骏文的版本。原唱终究是原唱,自己写的歌,心里的悸动,摩擦当然也比较多。加上他本身歌声里自然流露的沧桑感,更加深了这首歌的感觉。寂寞的感觉,只有寂寞的人唱得出来。就像身在人海茫茫的Bukit Bintang 街头,身边都是你的同胞,但你还是觉得寂寞。。。


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