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“还有我”~composed by 黄明志

September 23, 2009 Leave a comment

I have always thought that Ming Zhi is a very talented guy, and I really like all his sarcastic master pieces. But I didn’t know he too, could write something extraordinarily meaningful, for all the victims in the Morakot Typhoon, the worst natural disaster in Taiwan in the most recent 50 years, on 8th Aug 2009.

I personally like this song, especially the lyrics. Too bad if you can’t understand Chinese.

詞:黃明志 曲:張捷惟 / 蘇俊元

去年夏天不寂寞 你的歡笑陪著我- 光良
乘著風聽你 編織著夢 – 張棟樑
徜徉在一片豐收 – 易桀齊

當雨不再浪漫害羞 當風不再輕輕送 – 張智成
藍藍的天又 深鎖眉頭 – 方炯賓
你害怕 你惶恐 不知所措 – 張棟樑

朋友別再哭了 就算世界變化再多 – 光良
還有我 在身後 奮不顧身的挽救 – 林宇中
朋友你還有我 在為你默默的加油 – 龔柯允

抓著我 的雙手 如果你還在顫抖 – 林建輝
天會藍 雨會停 我陪你走 – 張棟樑

當雨不再浪漫害羞 當風不再輕輕送 – 光良
藍藍的天又 深鎖眉頭- 張棟樑
你害怕 你惶恐 不知所措 – 張智成

朋友別再哭了 就算世界變化再多 – 方炯賓
還有我 在身後 奮不顧身的挽救 – 林建輝
朋友你還有我 在為你默默的加油 – 易桀齊
抓著我 的雙手 如果你還在顫抖- 林宇中
天會藍 雨會停 我陪你走 – 方炯賓+ 龔柯允 (Karen)

彩虹躲在山的那頭 光線就在雲的背後 – 張棟樑
我在雨中 陪你守候 – 林宇中
包紮了今天的傷痛 擦乾眼淚勇敢振作- 光良
明年夏天 有你有我 – 龔柯允+張棟樑

朋友別再哭了 就算世界變化再多 – 光良
還有我 在身後 奮不顧身的挽救-合唱
朋友你還有我 在為你默默的加油-合唱

抓著我 的雙手 如果你還在顫抖-合唱
天會藍 雨會停 我陪你走 -合唱

天會藍 雨會停 我陪你走- 光良

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It’s a Long…Long… Journey…

September 23, 2009 Leave a comment
Journey of Life

Journey of Life

Yea hell, I am 21. Haha!

When I was 12, I wondered what would I be when I am 18.

When I was 18, I wondered what would I be when I am 21.

Now I am 21. Who am I?

A son? A brother? A friend? A medical student? A Malaysian? A vista B resident? A Popular Bookstore Member? A pharmacology lecturer? A goat? A boyfriend (pathetically)

Have I been playing my role well? Oh well let time do the judgement, and you all.

It’s ok, I have no mood to emo now. Muahahahahahahaa!!!

Mr ABC: “Eh why the pic looks like you kena robbed and sat at the road side kesian-ly???”

Ninja: WTH!!!! *touchwood*

By the way I think I looked thinner in that pic. *wooots*

Mr ABC: “Angle problem!!”

Ninja: =.=””

“Terima Kasih”…

September 23, 2009 2 comments

In case you do not know what the freak is it, “Terima Kasih” means “Thank you” in Malay.

Then what do blog about it?

<Terima Kasih> is a music album by the first winner of Indonesian Idol, Joy Tobing. It was released on late 2004.

Oh crap… Definitely not about that!!!!

– Terima Kasih = Thank you, is an expression of gratitude. It can be hyphenated to form a noun or adjective—”thank-you”, denoting a message, utterance, note, letter, gift, etc, expressing gratitude

Alright alright, enough crap…


Back to the main topic. Do you think I am dark?


Not really?



Okay, if yes, I do think that I am not as dark as a Malay right? As far as I know, only Ms Goh Cheng Roei is eligible to be entitled as a Malay. Muahahahahaha! At least that’s what we all have been talking all the while.


Just now I went to Econsave Mart, helping my mother to buy some stuff. Spent only few minutes, I graped everything I need, and I headed to the counter. There was a Chinese lady, commanded BROKEN MALAY!! How sure I was, that she is a Chinese lady? C’mon look at her name tag lah!!! Ms Chia XXX XXXX.

I peeked at the screen, RM 52.15.

So I passed her RM 50 + RM 10 notes. Then she asked me, “Ada LiMa BeLaS sEn TaK?” *in a very cacat-ed way*. Then she looked at me. (p/p/s: her Malay is really cacat-ed)

I am very sure I looked stunned and stupid at the moment, as I didn’t expect her to talk to me in Malay. I assumed that she didn’t look at my face clearly, then I staggered abit, “没有” (“No”, in Mandarin). YES!! I REPLIED IN MANDARIN!!

She continued picking up notes and coins, finally gave me the change, with a VERY POLITE…. “TERIMA KASIH”

What the Freak… =.=””

So shall I blame her eyes or my new hairstyle?

Terima Kasih lahh.....

Terima Kasih lahh.....

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Med Sch Life is Sad #2

September 19, 2009 8 comments

If you do not know what the hell is this. refer to Med Sch Life is Sad #1 for more information.

Episode 2: Starring Ninnn Ruuu and Lymphocyte

The Bottle that caused riuh-rendah-ness

The Bottle that caused riuh-rendah-ness

So this happened in IMU, LT1 before the lecture of … urm, whose lecture hah? I forgot already.. Okie that’s not the main point. During the break between lecture, I heard someboday said something at my back, and followed by a “Riuh -Rendah-ness”. Then I was informed by Si Pol that, Ninnn Ruuu had said something “luring” to lymphocyte.

*The content below may not be suitable for all the ages especially those below18 and above 40. Parents guidance may be necessary*

Ninnn Ruuu: “Lymphocyte, look at my bott**”

[Note: The last 2 letters are censored to avoid unwanted misundertanding. For your information, according to the witnesses, included me, the word heard was “Bottom” but she claimed that she said “Bottle”]

Lymphocyte: *O_o*

Shy?? Haha

Shy?? Haha

Take 1, he was not satisfied

Take 1, he was not satisfied

Ok This looks better..hehe

Ok This looks better..hehe



Under any circumstance, any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

Thank you~~