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Old sayings…

August 31, 2009 2 comments

Old sayings might not be true all the time, but they are reasonable in most of the situations, if not they wouldn’t have existed in the beginning.

So, what I would like to talk about today is, the old saying about “To find a true friend, it’s not easy; To find a true friend in university, it’s a fat hope.” It might sound pessimistics but yea, it sounds true for me.

I refused to give credit to all these, even until I was in the 1st semester of my 1st year university life.

“Nah, there are plenty of nice chaps around this lovely place.”  “Why those people missed their old school friends that much?”   Alright, you might find me bitchy. Yea, I have to admit that these thoughts did pop out in my mind before even though scarcely. But huh, the reason that makes me to admit my faulty thoughts was some “fantastic” encounters of mine in the meanwhile.

I do not usually burst out, as in the negative way, unless that issue or person(s) really get on my nerves badly. I have not experienced this so deeply until I was in university. Therefore I really like the entry which I posted some time ago in my chinese blog, about “上了大学才知道…” which means, “Only after entering university, I realised that… … ” . There were some I want to share here, and please bare with my poor-limited-english-vocab-translation.


“Only after entering university, I realised that those whom you stayed with everyday (all the time), might not be your true friend(s), he/she might be nothing (you might be nothing to him/her)”


“Only after entering university, I realised that it’s unnecessary to dispute with someone, as there is not going to be a conclusion, no matter who is correct or wrong.”


“Only after entering university, I realised that treating someone true & whole-heartedly may not get back in the same way. Whilst the one whom you neglected might turn out to be the one who cares of you the most.” Yeap, it’s true. It’s neither a vice versa way, nor a reversible equation.

Okies I just share 3 of them here today.

Perhaps kids from small towns are more innocent, or shall I say stupid? Haha, there are tonnes of smart kids from small towns. (which I think I am not one of them) But definitely they ain’t as complicated as the others. (no offence to ppl who come from bigger town)

Passenger X: “But but but, A, B, C are from small towns as well!”

Me: “Oh then, they are unique. they are distinctive~”

There would always be some (or you want to use plenty of) crappy idiotic people in the community. They might be traumatising, they might be irritating, they might be frustrating, but not to forget that they made up part of the community, they made up part of your life too! So come to think about it, its’ kinda torturing and tough to get along with them. But somehow, I learned a lot from them. They taught me about endurance. They taught me about socialising and getting along with different type of people is not easy. They gave me reflection on themselves, so that I wouldn’t be the same. Ain’t it wonderful? Ain’t they splendid?

So, back to the main topic. I finally saw throught that how sincere and truely tender my high school friends are, when I was in university. Perhaps just like the saying, they are your life-long friends.

My conclusion: To all those ppl in universities, if you could find or have found a true friend, it’s good for you. If not? Not to worry. Just let it be, that’s life, time will prove everything.   ~ c’est la vie~

Last but not least, thank you very much my friends who care of me so much all the while. It’s truly great to have you to be my friends, at least once in my life.


updates: I posted this in my msn personal message.”The best of friends must be apart. How true is this? You decide yourself.”

Sab answered it: “Best frens sumtiems muz part for good, bt wen the timing is rite.. they wil be united again”

Well said Sab! =D

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A Brand New Start!!!

August 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Initially the motive was to revitalise my old blog. Turned out realising it is too congested. Hence I decided to start a new blog, which could be more private, or more precisely, only for my friends I knew.

My first choice was actually blogspot. Somehow it has become not as user-friendly as before, wordpress therefore became my next choice. :D  (Platypus, don’t get too happy cos it’s not because of you. Haha! And sorry Mirror, have to ditch you there already! Wahaha!!)

More things to update soon, hopefully I will have time to, at least maintain it. (Probably once a week?) Oh well~

And I just realised another fact about myself. I could become a debater when I am furious. Hoho~

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